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Yaoyao Tan: student experience


"You should definitely practice your cooking before moving to France!"

Life here is quite different from my hometown. Grenoble is not as large compared with many cities in China. It is easy for me to get around on foot.

The types of courses in France are very different to the ones in China. Students here are from countries all over the world. They are very active and eager to share their opinion during the class. Teachers are more like a guide to lead all students to express their ideas. Many courses require team work.

France is famous for its delicious food. There are also Chinese restaurants to satisfy my need sometimes. Most of the time I cook food at home. Compared to the prices in China, the vegetables here are relatively more expensive. The price of meat is more or less the same. We also buy some special materials in several Asian supermarkets. Therefore you should prepare before you come to France is to practice your cooking.

During the academic year, we have some vacations. They usually last for one or two weeks. We can go travelling around the Europe continent, except United Kingdom, which requires a further visa application. Other countries in Europe are fantastic. Learning here provides me an opportunity to broaden my horizon and experience different cultures.

People here are very nice. They are always willing to help. It is better to have some basic knowledge of French before you come to France. If you are buying a baguette or groceries, it is normal to communicate with others in French when you are out of school. Therefore, get prepared so that you can adapt the life here much easier.

Updated on 23 February 2015 at 1h54 pm