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Training and Company missions


The Institute’s teaching researchers intervene in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes:

  • The Grandes Ecoles Programme (satisfaction and loyalty, data analysis relating to satisfaction and loyalty…)
  • Professional training: development of customised training programmes for companies.

Company Missions

The Institute for Consumer Capital mainly undertakes two types of company mission:

  • research and joint development partnerships with companies who wish to introduce best practices and develop new expertise which is directly applicable to their markets (BNP Paribas Cardiff, Décathlon, EDF, Valrhona…).

    The companies concerned believe that this economic model seems to be the best creator of knowledge value, leading to publication in professional and academic reviews.
  • increasingly operational missions at the request of companies

    These missions notably permit the operational testing of theories and methods developed by the Institute.

    Recent references include IdTGV, Sanofi, SFR… (the list of companies concerned is too long to detail here).

In parallel, the Institute’s experts participate regularly in internal seminars and conferences organised by companies and their partners.

Updated on 30 July 2014 at 5h57 pm