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Student Services

Grenoble Ecole de Management provides numerous services to support students during their studies.


Center for Personal and Managerial Development (CDPM)

The CDPM counts on a dozen certified consultants and coaches to help students organize their personal and professional aspirations. These counselors help students develop their self-awareness, understand their past and personality, and chose the path that will help them achieve their goals.

By developing awareness about their talent and skills, students develop the ability to adapt and manage uncertainty. They learn to reinvent themselves everyday on the path to success. And they are empowered to chose paths that might not yet even exist!

The CDPM's team provides support through conferences, workshops, individual interviews and classes.


  • Professional project: The CDPM offers classes and workshops to help students think about their personal and professional goals.
  • Program counseling: The CDPM helps students understand and choose among the various program options available at Grenoble Ecole de Management.
  • Analysis and Reflection: As part of the GEM Learning Model, the CDPM organizes workshops for students to learn about practical analysis and self-awareness.
  • Skills: The CDPM works with students to help them identify their skills and choose career paths that are in line with their abilities and aspirations.
  • Personal development: Many conferences and workshops are organized on topics such as stress management, emotional intelligence, the right to make mistakes, decision-making or the ability to adapt.

Career Center

The career center is the cornerstone that manages ties between students, companies and alumni. The career center handles all questions related to job and internship offers, scholarships for internships, partner companies, the alumni network and recruitment events.

The online portal provides students with alerts about job and internship offers as well as information about career events and partner companies. The portal also offers advice and other useful resources to ensure students have all the information they need to facilitate their internship or job search.

The Grenoble EM Career Center Facebook page also provides easy access the latest news and developments

Online Services

Students have access to the following online services:

  • GEM Unity - the GEM social network

This tool is designed to help students, alumni and employees share information and communicate.

  • My ESC - the student intranet

The school intranet provides access to class schedules, program details, event planning, internship opportunities, international exchange opportunities and administrative tasks.

In addition to the books and publications available on campus, the library provides online access to more than 3,200 academic journals.

Funding Your Studies


Foreign Exchange Scholarships

There are several funding options available depending on the type of exchange.

  • ERASMUS scholarships for academic exchanges with a partner university
  • Rhône-Alpes regional scholarships (EXPLO'RA) for university exchanges with partners located outside of Europe
  • Scholarships for international internships
  • ExploraSup scholarships funded by the Rhône-Alpes region

Local Scholarships

Students who do not come from the Isère region and who do not qualify for higher education scholarships may receive funding from their Conseil Départemental.

Scholarships for Managers (Caisses des Cadres)

The caisse des cadres can provide managers with funding for their children pursuing higher education. Ask your caisse des cadres for additional information.

Higher Education Scholarships

Awarded according to family resources, these scholarships follow the ministry's decree. Check with the CROUS for additional information.

European Education Scholarship Portal

The portal,, provides free information and access to financial support for academic  programs. The portal uses an algorithm to provide users with information about scholarships, grants and prizes that match their profile.

The portal indexes 12,000 funding options that cover a wide variety of costs such as living expenses, application fees, expenses for exchange programs, language classes or scientific projects.

Student Jobs

Two Grenoble Ecole de Management associations provide paid jobs for students throughout the year.

  • AMD Job-Services
  • Junior Enterprise

Work/Study Programs

Many programs can be completed as part of a work/study contract. Depending on the contract, a student's employer will help cover education costs.

Student Loans

For more information, check with the school's partner banks.

Studylink is the first peer-to-peer lending service in France. It enables individuals to provide students with loans for their education. Loans can be with or without interest. was created in the form of a small social network which allows funders and fundees to interact. The website was created by two Grenoble Ecole de Management alumni.

Visit our Financial Aid / Scholarships page for more information.