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Student Associations

As with all business schools, our 22 student associations create a vibrant student life. There are many events organised throughout the year, that you are welcome to participate in.

Taking part in events by students associations is a great way for international student to integrate to the school, try out various professional activities, meet and exchange with others and learn French.

Our associations

All of the details about our associations are available on our website admissibles.

Below you will find a presentation of some of our associations. More information will be shared with you once you are on the campus.

BDE GEM Altigliss organizes the GEM Altigliss student ski and snowboard world cup.



BDE GEM GEM ONU is a geopolitical association that enables students to partake in various Model United Nations events with students from around the world


BDE GEM GEM Finance Society invests on the stock market, provides financial services to companies, offers microcredits, actively publishes articles concerning the current market situation, and creates events to engage students who pursue a career in finance.


BDE GEM GEM en débat is the debate association. It regularly organizes conferences and debates on current events with influential actors.


BDE GEM Aloha is in charge of welcoming and integrating international students as well as promoting international cultures to French students.

Updated on 21 February 2023 at 3h15 pm