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Strategic Management

The course will address the question: what makes the firm successful? Success is defined in this context in terms of creating shareholder value over the long-term. The strategy of a firm is the set of decisions it makes concerning how it will achieve superior performance, and therefore create value for its shareholders. The course will present the tools and techniques for formulating successful strategies, by analyzing industries, sources of profitability available to firms and designing the strategies to access these sources of profitability. We will look at strategy as a link between the firm and its industry environment. A central topic of the course is the analysis of industry structure and the strategies for building competitive advantage, to include issues of sustainability  and corporate responsibility. The course is concerned not just with analysis but with decisions. We will therefore concentrate on discussions on industries and individual companies. You will be asked to analyze industries and structures and positions, and make decisions concerning key issues and indicate how your decisions will be implemented.

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