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Smart and Sustainable Business Specialisation

As innovative business models and new technologies emerge, they provide practical opportunities to transform businesses and make a global impact.


These three modules will cover an analysis of the global societal and environmental challenges and disruptive emerging technologies . This first module will be focused on inspiring new business models - learning about the needs and understanding how models such as circular economy and shared economy and technologies such as AI, IoT, blockchain and cybersecurity can be combined to inspire smart business, smart cities, a smart society.  

The second module focuses on ideation and will cover design thinking, system thinking, agile development, and creativity techniques, etc.  

The third module focuses on iteration around innovations. Students will build their business models, pitch them, get mentorship and feedback from various business partners and optimize their knowledge and skills.


This choice is ideal for MBAs who believe in sustainable development as a goal and competitiveness lever, and who perceive their role in society and business as a transformational one.

It is of value to students who want to become managers in all functional areas and to entrepreneurs who will further their career by integrating social, environmental and sustainable business models.

Updated on 19 October 2021 at 12h26 pm