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Serious Games for Companies

How to create your own serious game from A to Z? Grenoble Ecole de Management offers companies the opportunity to use its workspace dedicated serious games - a chance to carry out fun and collaborative group work while solving specific challenges.

What is a serious game?

A serious game is a fun way to approach a serious project and find solutions. As serious games are developing at a phenomenal pace, they have entered the workplace as well.

Why use a serious game?

  • Respond to real challenges
  • Encourage team building
  • Motivate participants around a particular issue
  • Challenge yourself

Five key steps to create your serious game at GEM

Validate your goal

  • Validate the theme
  • Define material needs
  • Outline team participation

Find the right concept

  • Set the foundations for a future game
  • Chose your medium (cards, dice, 3D cubes, etc.)
  • Identify key concepts

Organize the creation of ideas

  • Define how to lead the game
  • Define the format for presenting ideas
  • Define tools for selecting ideas

Create rules and materials

  • Define the rules of the game
  • Chose packaging materials (bags, boxes, etc.)

Test it out

  • Does the game work for the general public?
  • Does it go deep enough into the subject?
  • Does it encourage collaboration?
  • Does it last long enough or too long?

 Once the game is ready, leave with your prototype and test it out at your company.

Our experts

Hélène Michel is a senior professor specialized in innovation management. In 2003, she started working on serious games in collaboration with French and European companies. She also developed research and development programs for serious games. She leads various seminars such as the GEM Inno Days, GEM Inno Week and continuing education activities tied to innovation.

Sylvie Blanco is a senior professor specialized in innovation as well as anticipating new activities and entrepreneurial situations.

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