Scholarships: Funding your GEM/GGSB program

These are scholarships offered by international organizations for all onsite GEM/GGSB programs. Scholarships offered by GGSB are available for all onsite GGSB programs except the 2nd and 3rd years of the BIB.

We advise students to research financial aid opportunities as early as possible. Please note that it is necessary to submit your application and secure a place on a GGSB program first, before applying for scholarships and visas. For further details contact:

External funding


Contact the Campus France agency in your country, they can provide information about scholarships available to international students coming to study in France. Campus France can also offer assistance regarding the visa procedure etc.Please check the Campus France Grant search engine to see what is available for your country. Contact the French Embassy and Department of Higher Education in your country to enquire about any possible scholarship or merit awards.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018-2019 academic year. The application period for the 2019-2020 academic year will reopen in October/November 2018.

Questions? Consult our FAQ

Students from the following countries are eligible: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar and Mozambique.


French students:

Bachelor in International Business (BIB) and Master in International Business (MIB) students

American Students:

  • Federal Direct Loans

For detailed information about US Federal Direct Loans click here.

GGSB students enrolled in degree programs at the Grenoble campus are eligible for Federal Direct Loans. Apply online for federal aid at Our school code is G35943. To learn more about US Federal Aid, visit

Approved programs: MIB, MBA and MSc Fashion, Design and Luxury Management. Please contact to learn about the approval process.

Canadian Students:

Colombian Students:

  • €5,000 grant for COLFUTURO beneficiaries admitted to MBA program
  • Two scholarships of 50% of the cost of tuition fees for students admitted to other GGSB master programs.

Mexican Students:

GGSB/FUNED Joint Scholarships for MBA, MSc Finance and MIB students. Please contact for further details.

Indian Students:

Application period will open in March 2018 and closes in June 2018.

Norweigan Students:

  • Norwegian State student loan

MIB and BIB eligible for Lånekassen aid.

Thai Students:

Luxembourger Students:

Russian students:

Joint Ambassade de France en Russie and Grenoble Ecole de Management Scholarship ONE scholarship covering:

  • Full tuition and admininistrative fees for one of the following eligible programs:
    • MSc Digital Business
    • MSc International Human Resource Management
    • MSc Fashion, Design and Luxury Management
    • MSc Business Development
    • MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship
    • MSc Marketing Management
  • Visa related fees
  • Sécurité sociale(basic healthcare coverage) and complementary health insurance
  • Priority to be lodged in CROUS housing


  • Russian nationality
  • Attend Grenoble or Paris Campus
  • Apply for admission to one of the above mentioned programs by November 1st, 2017
  • Submit one file in PDF format with the following elements to
    • Motivation essay of 1-2 pages in French or English explaining why you are choosing to study in France and how your choice relates to your past studies and your future professional career path
    • French language and/or English language certificate (B2/C1 level on the European framework), if applicable

Deadline: November 1st, 2017


Please find the link to the GGSB scholarship application here.

Early Bird Award

  • Bachelor in International Business Program: €1,000 awarded over a 3-year period: €500 year 1, €250 year 2, and €250 year 3
  • All programs except MBA: €1,000
  • MBA: €2,000

GGSB Alumni Discount

5% discount for former students who have completed an on-site GGSB academic program. Students must attend Grenoble or Paris campus to qualify.

MSc International Human Resource Management

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship (MAX. €2,000)

MSc Entrepreneurship & Global Marketing

  • Be Your Own Boss Award (MAX. €2,000)
  • Substantial GEM scholarship availiable for limited number of students, please contact us for further details.

MSc Finance

  • GMAT Merit Scholarship (Max. €2,000)

Students with an overall score of 700 and over are eligible. Ideally candidates must have 75% and over in the quantitative section. No essay required.

MBA Scholarships:

  • GMAT Merit Scholarship
  • MBA Emerging Economies
  • BRIC Engineer Scholarship
  • MBA Outstanding Professional Woman
  • MBA Cultural Diversity Scholarship
  • MBA Outstanding Academic Excellence

GGSB scholarships only apply to students at the Grenoble and Paris campus. Please contact the offsite campus directly to enquire about any scholarships they may be able to offer you.

Please contact for further details.


It is extremely difficult for an international student to obtain a student loan in France. In addition to other prerequisites, loan candidates must present a co-guarantor who resides in France. Therefore, we advise international students planning to arrange for a French student loan to make alternative plans for paying tuition before enrolling at GGSB.