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Research topic

Management – Innovation - Nanotechnologies


According to many experts, nanotechnologies has promised a big revolution in major industries. Managers should be aware and knowledgeable about this phenomenon thus asking for new understandings. 

Coordinator: Corine Genet

Ongoing collaborative projects:


  • NanoTrendChart / Nanobench: a shared database to analyse the socio-economic impact of nanotechnologies
  • INCA Nano: in-depth studies of the integration of nanotechnology-based innovation by companies located in Rhône-Alpes

Outputs Specific issues


  • Socio-economic observatory
  • Newsletters, website and reports
  • Training modules and seminars
  • Case Studies
  • Academic and professional articles
  • Conferences 



  • Industrial analysis
  • Business models
  • Partnerships
  • Innovation process
  • Entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship
  • Technological discontinuities
  • Clusters
  • Risk management



Managing Discontinuous Innovation


Two challenges arise while dealing with discontinuous or radical innovation: create and capture value based on radical innovation; anticipate and prepare in the face of unpredictable changes.

Coordinator: S. Blanco

Ongoing activities


  • DIL –
    • Experimentation of new practices and new concepts
    • Knowledge and experience sharing 
  • Anticipation issues



  • Cases of radical innovation
  • Training modules
  • Newsletters
  • A knowledge platform about latest applied research resutls
  • A community of knowledge
  • Professional and academic publications
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