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PhD Testimonials

Stacey Malek

"I felt comfortable and at home at GEM right from the start.  The faculty provide a warm and supportive environment where one's entrepreneurial spirit can flourish. PhD students are given the freedom to explore and provided with all of the tools required to successfully navigate this incredible journey."


Luc Meunier

“The program is really great. From Day 1 you are incorporated in a multicultural and intellectually stimulating environment. You are rapidly offered work on various research projects with dynamic and passionate people. At the same time, you follow a steep learning curve thanks to the research seminars offered to PhD students.”

Emmanouela Mandalaki

"The GEM PhD program provides a challenging and rewarding educational experience. This stimulating research environment exposes PhD students to a wealth of opportunities and provides them with the necessary support to develop their skills according to their area of specialization. Participation in research seminars, conferences and research projects as well as local and international teaching opportunities are the key factors that make this program exceptional and provide PhD candidates with the necessary skills to pursue their future career paths."

Robynn Butler

"GEM is a fast moving intellectual and academic environment. The eclectic nature of this experience helped me reach a number of personal, professional and academic goals. The faculty and staff at GEM are also helpful, smart and supportive. They have given me every opportunity to improve my teaching, research and knowledge-base through conferences, workshops and organizational projects with some of the best in the field. GEM is a great community and is the perfect place to do a PhD."

Mark Olsthoorn

"To me, research is like orienteering: a mix of methodological orthodoxy and artistic creativity to find complex answers to simple questions. The courses in the GEM PhD program have efficiently equipped me with the methodological tools I need to explore the questions I care about. Experienced faculty is always available to guide me when my inexperience leds me astray. I especially appreciate GEM’s orientation toward excellence and relevance, the opportunities to travel to conferences and participate in summer schools, and the stimulating relationship with my supervisor. And when equations, citations and publications make my head spin, I simply grab my bike or skis to enjoy the magnificent mountains that rise up from Grenoble. I also take advantage of the many cultural events organized in the city each year. And of course I like to share a bottle of wine with friends as, after all, we are in France. It will be hard to move on after GEM, but I’ve never faced the future with more confidence."

Vincent Pasquier

"The first thing to astonish me when I joined the GEM PhD program was the great support we get here as PhD students. We beneficiate from a high level of academic know-how combined with a young and entrepreneurial state of mind. Additionally, the reasonable size of the cohort makes it possible to be fully integrated within the research teams. At GEM, we are treated as ‘young researchers’ and not as ‘old students.' This makes a major difference! In the end, the PhD program meets all the conditions needed for an exciting and collective research adventure.”

Yashar Bashirzadeh

"When I wanted to apply to GEM, I contacted some of the students, and one thing most of them pointed out was how supportive and caring the GEM faculty is. Now that I am here, I have truly felt the same thing. In general we are exposed to different methodologies and schools of thought. Close interaction with scholars from different departments that have different backgrounds creates a unique learning opportunity. One of the perks of studying at Grenoble Ecole de Management is the city itself. The city has many opportunities for those interested in French culture, arts and the lovely Alpine nature."

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