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PhD Students

Mohamad Hassan ABOU DAYA

Mohamad is a PhD student in the Finance department. He has an MSc in Finance. His research interests include market finance as well as advanced valuation techniques. Mohamad currently researches the dependence structure of options market. Besides work, Mohamad likes strength training and hiking.

Supervisor: Dr. Carol Bernard
Research Team: Finance, Innovation and Governance 


Aristide is a Ph.D. student in Management and Organisation Studies. His interest lies in researching cultural and ethical underpinnings of corporations, with an emphasis on working environments conducive (or not) to authentic identities and eudemonic self-realizations. He is enthusiastic about accomplishing inter-disciplinary research, connecting relevantly with practitioners through in-depth observations and reciprocal collaborations, disseminating insights with diverse constituencies and communities, as well as cultivating pedagogical practices that are engaging and nourishing. His intended contributions intersect with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and International Labour Organisation (ILO) issues.

Supervisor: Dr. Ismael Al-Amoudi
Research Team: Alternative Forms of Markets and Organisations

Rose N. BOTE

Rose is a PhD student in Strategy.  She has an MSc Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics and a level four Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, London. Rose researches on how organisations might cause economic inequality in societies. When she is not working, Rose enjoys taking long walks.

Supervisor: Dr. Tao Wang
Research Team: Strategy, Collective Action and Technology

Yang CAO

Yang is a PhD student in Finance. He holds an MSc in Finance and B.B.A in Finance from China. Yang has years of research assistantship from undergraduate study and this fill him with passion in research. Yang’s research interests include corporate governance, innovation and textual analysis. He currently researches the interplay between CEO and board, and the M&A topics. When he is not working, Yang loves reading history and writing blogs.

Supervisor: Dr. Kiesel Florian
Research Team: Finance, Innovation and Governance

Rebecca CARDOT

Rebecca is a PhD student of the Finance, Innovation and Governance research team. Before joining the PhD program, she worked in the banking sector in the Fund industry in Luxemburg and in liquidity management in France. She is a former Master student of Grenoble Ecole de Management and holds the MSc Management (DESMA) and the MSc Finance of the school. Her research interests are around the interactions of new technologies, like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, and the financial markets, taking into account sustainability concerns. When she is not working, she loves hiking in the mountains and doing yoga as often as possible.

Supervisors: Dr. Carole Bernard, Dr. Jamil Jaballah
Research team: Finance, Innovation and Governance


Nilo holds a Bachelor (2015) and a Master of Science (2019) degree in Administration, both with emphasis in Organization Studies, and from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil, and has experience with horizontally-managed cooperatives. Nilo researches technology, environmental issues and post-development, understanding alternative organizing as a transversal issue inflicting in each topic.

Supervisors: Dr. Marcos Barros and Dr. Hélène Picard
Research Team: Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations


Renuka is a PhD student in the Strategy, Collective Action and Technology Team. She holds a master’s in management research from Indian Institute of Technology Madras and her thesis was on technology usage in the Healthcare industry. Her research interests lie in the domains of technology and innovation management in the Healthcare industry, and she hopes to work in the areas of innovation management in the healthcare sector. She has five years of work experience in the IT industry of which two years she had spent in Tokyo, Japan and she hopes to combine her tech exposure with her research. 

Supervisors: Prof. Jojo Jacob and Prof. Arusyak Zakaryan
Research team: Strategy, Collective Action and Technology


Lesman is a PhD candidate, Teaching and Research Assistant at Grenoble Ecole de Management. His research is focused on Marketing Strategy and Innovation, interested in customized data and evidence ecosystems to provide actionable information and advocate specific policy paths to enhance impact. Lesman is a Fulbright Scholar and a Muskie Fellow, holding a master’s from Vanderbilt University and a bachelor’s from Jean Moulin Lyon 3. His professional experience includes the World Bank, the Wilson Center and Coca-Cola HBC. Lesman enjoys sports and spending time with his dog.

Supervisors: Dr. Corinne Faure and Dr. Mariia Koval
Research Team: Marketing Strategy and Innovation


Marcelo Gonzalez is a PhD student and Teaching and Research Assistant at Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM), France. Before joining GEM, he received his master of science’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from the University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom. He also has a master’s in Business Management from the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Chile and holds an Industrial Engineering degree from the Universidad de Concepción, Chile. He is especially interested in conducting research related to Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Inequality, Regional Studies and Discrimination in Entrepreneurship. He has over a decade of experience in IT Consultancy, in positions such as Senior Manager in Deloitte, Digital Transformation Manager and Information Technology Manager in Ernst & Young (EY) and IT Consultant in everis.

Supervisors: Dr. Daniela Maresch and Dr. Martina Battisti.
Research Team: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Xinyu GUO

Xinyu is a PhD student and research assistant in the Energy Management team. Her current research interests are concentrated on green energy transition, and she’s particularly fascinated with discovering the triggers in the industrial adoption of renewable energy technologies, but also the new business models derived from the green shift. She has published her findings in a peer-reviewed journal. She holds a master degree in International Business from Grenoble Ecole de Management and has worked in market and strategy departments in several industries prior to entering academia. She also has teaching experience as a guest speaker in bachelor courses. Xinyu has lived, studied, and worked in China, Indonesia, France, and Belgium and is fluent in Chinese, Cantonese, and English (French is in progress). She likes dancing, swimming, boxing, skateboarding and hiking.

Supervisor: Dr. Anne-Lorène Vernay
Research Team: Energy Management

Liudmila IVVONEN

Liudmila is a PhD Candidate and Teaching and Research Assistant at Grenoble Ecole de Management. Her research is focused on the role of Social Evaluations in Entrepreneurship and Commercialization activities. She studies such processes as entrepreneurial mobility, construction of entrepreneurial identity, emergence of entrepreneurial opportunities and new markets. More broadly, she draws her inspiration from the intersection of Sociology, Entrepreneurship, and Technologies. Liudmila holds MPhil in Business Administration from Grenoble Ecole de Management, France and MSc in International Human Resource Management from University of Angers, France. She enjoys listening to Radiohead, Peter Heppner, and piano music, walking on the streets of Berlin, getting lost in intricacies of museum corridors, and reading about sociology, start-ups, arts, and, occasionally, astronomy and particle physics.

Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Jojo Jacob and Prof. Joachim Schleich
Research Team: Energy Management
Department: Management, Technologies and Strategy


Julien holds a master’s in mechanical engineering from the French Naval Academy and an MBA from HEC Paris. He has worked in the Canadian renewable energy industry for over a decade, managing technology innovation projects for the electric utility BC Hydro & Power, and supporting offgrid First Nations with renewable microgrid projects. He joins the Energy Management team and plans to research the mechanisms through which the political economy of capitalism hinders the energy transition. In his rapidly shrinking spare time, Julien enjoys skiing, rock-climbing, mountain-biking, trail-running and, pre-covid, martial arts such as boxing, muay thai and jiu jitsu.

Team: Energy Management
Contact: Julien.lafaille(at)


Lina Lefstad is a PhD student in the Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations-team and Research and Teaching Assistant at Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM). She holds a MSc in Ecological Economics from the University of Leeds, UK and a BBA in International Business Management with a minor in Circular Economy from Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. Lina is especially interested in the concept of degrowth, just socio-ecological transformations, and the role organizations can play at this intersection. She originally comes from Norway and in her free time enjoys spending time outdoors.

Team: Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations


Christine is a PhD student in Marketing. Prior to GEM, she has been a senior marketer in the Consumer Packaged Goods and Food industries. Christine has over a decade experience in developing and commercializing sustainable, innovative products onto the global markets. She has a BBA in Information Systems and a MBA, both from the University of Texas at San Antonio in the United States. A true global citizen, Christine has lived in many parts of world: China, UAE, USA, Canada, and now she has started a new life chapter in France.  

Research interests:
- Sustainability Marketing
- Innovation
- New Product Development and Introduction
- Business-to-Business Marketing
- Food Waste

Supervisors: Dr. Christophe Haon and Dr. Shekhar Misra
Team: Marketing Strategy and Innovation


Josh Mahaney is a PhD Student in Marketing. After earning a Master of Science degree in Creative Studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo State, Josh Mahaney worked for six years for both Disney Parks & Resorts and an NBA (National Basketball Association) team in the fields of creativity, innovation, and marketing. Josh now researches in the same fields to discover how employees can better diffuse their ideas inside organizations. When he is not researching and studying, Josh is usually either enjoying the Grenoble outdoors or indoors for the food.

Supervisors: Dr. Thomas Gillier and Dr. Fiona Schweitzer
Research Team: Marketing Strategy and Innovation


Rajarshi is a PhD student in the Consumer Behavior Research Team. Prior to joining the PhD program at Grenoble Ecole de Management, he did his Master’s in Business Administration in Marketing concentration from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad and Bachelor in Production Engineering from Jadavpur University. He has three years of professional experience in sales and marketing domain for the heavy-duty industrial products. Rajarshi is particularly interested in consumer decision-making, judgement, consumer hierarchy of satisfaction, etc. Outside of research, he is passionate about football, guitar and travelling.

Research Team: Consumer Behavior


Ipek is a Ph.D. student in the department of marketing. Her research area is consumer behavior, specifically consumer animosity. She took her BSc Business Administration degree from Bilkent University, Turkey, with a major degree in marketing and innovation management. Shortly after, she worked at the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey as an assistant specialist for Horizon 2020 Supports & Awards. In 2019, she completed her MSc. degree in Marketing Management at Bocconi University, Italy. Currently, she is working as a Research Assistant for an ANR Funded Research Project on consumer animosity.

Supervisors: Dr. Olivier Trendel and Dr. Robert Mai
Research Team: Consumer Behavior


Luise is conducting research within the Consumer Behavior team. She holds two Bachelor’s degrees in International Management and Business Administration (Lancaster University and Reutlingen University) as well as two Master’s degrees in Marketing (University of St Andrews) and Human Decision Science (Maastricht University). She has more than four years of professional marketing experience and strong knowledge of the beauty industry. Luise is particularly interested in judgment, decision-making, applied ethics, and sustainability. Outside of research too, she has a passion for healthy nutrition, road cycling, and non-violent communication.

Supervisor: Dr. Anika Schumacher
Research Team: Consumer Behavior

Jan Philipp REINEKE

Jan is a PhD student in the Strategy, Collective Action, and Technology research team. Their interest lies in technology in healthcare, specifically assistive technology for disabled people, and how it affects practices of care and assistance between individuals and groups. Within GEM, Jan is also working on the RealWorld 4 Clinic project, funded by EIT Health (part of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology). Prior to joining the school, they obtained an MSc in Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society from the University of Twente in the Netherlands, and a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome.

Supervisors: Dr. Charles-Clemens Rüling, Dr. Stéphanie Gauttier
Research Team: Strategy, Collective Action, and Technology


Manuel F. Ramírez is a Ph.D. student and Teaching Assistant at Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM), France. Prior to joining GEM, he was an Assistant Professor at Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh), in the Industrial Engineering Institute. He is especially interested in organizational studies, with a focus on hegemony, identity, resistance and the relationship between organizations and the Anthropocene. His previous professional career in Chile includes employment as Network Planning Innovation Director, LATAM Airlines; founder of Discants, a web-based startup, and Consultant in Virtus Partners, a strategic consultancy firm.

Supervisor: Dr. Gazi Islam
Research Team: Entrepreneurship


Adélie is part of the Alternative Form of Organizations (AFMO team and studies social enterprises, their business models and their governance. Especially interested in the energy transition, she study energy cooperatives and work with GEM Energy team on the H2020 european project SONNET (social innovation in energy transitions). She holds a master specialised in social economy from grenoble institute of political sciences and received several prices for her master thesis.

Research Team: Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations

Swaroop RAO

Swaroop is a PhD student working with the Energy Management Team. Having studied energy engineering and policy at the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Germany, and Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, he works with Dr David Grover at GEM on studying the socioeconomic impacts of clean energy investments. He has also previously worked on, and continues to work on European and German energy policy.

Supervisor: Dr. David Grover
Research Team: Energy Management

Karine REVET

Karine is a PhD student in the Strategy department and is studying social networks. Her current research focuses on scientific collaborations and their effects on knowledge production and innovation, focusing on the knowledge and resources exchanges. She received her research master’s degree in innovation and information technologies management from IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc. Karine previously worked as a research engineer at the IREGE research laboratory (Savoie Mont-Blanc University). Her work has focused on the link between knowledge management and innovation, the adoption of organizational innovations, and the role of inter-organizational relationships in performance and quality of work life.

Supervisors: Dr. Barthélémy Chollet and Dr. Mustapha Belkhouja
Research Team: Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Subhan is a PhD scholar in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is motivated to enhance knowledge by conducting investigations into determinants of knowledge Economy, Green Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurs Behavior, Startup Survival and Firm Exist Strategies. He has two years of professional experience as coordinator and trainer at Student Start-up Business Center (SSBC), COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan. During his tenure, he was engaged as mentor and facilitator with more than thirty startups. He also worked as an entrepreneur and ran his own social venture. He holds Masters in Strategy & Entrepreneurship from IAE Aix Marseille University and Master’s in Management Sciences from COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan. He also holds E-Course Certifications on Climate Change and Green Economy from United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

Supervisors: Dr. Procher Vivien and Dr. Mei Maggie-Qiuzhu
Research Team: Social Networks, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Sumayya SHAIKH

Sumayya is a PhD student in Marketing. She has several years of experience in evaluating fine dining restaurants, luxury hotels and retail services in UAE. She has also formerly worked as a marketing manager in India. Sumayya is a part of the consumer behavior team and is interested in conducting research within the area of food marketing. She is also passionate about food outside of her work, and spends her time traveling and exploring cuisines around the world.

Supervisors: Dr. Carolina Werle and Dr. Amanda Pruski Yamim
Research Team: Consumer Behavior

Genevieve SHANAHAN

Genevieve is working within the Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations team. Her research deals with the ways in which technology can enable or impede radical democracy in alternative organisations, especially those that address the climate crisis. More broadly, she’s interested in critical perspectives on technology and post-capitalist futures. She holds an MPhil in Philosophy from University College London, and a BA in Philosophy and English Literature from University College Cork. 

Supervisors: Dr. Thibault Daudigeos and Dr. Stéphane Jaumier
Research Team: Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations


Mahdi is a PhD student in the Finance department. He has an MSc in Financial Mathematics and A BSc in Applied Mathematics. His research interests are statistics and finance, especially in risk management, portfolio selection, denoising methods, and applications of regression models in modeling financial markets.

Research Team: Finance, Innovation, and Governance
Supervisors: Dr. Carole Bernard, Dr. Philippe Dupuy, Dr. Gareth W. Peters


Vincent is a member of the Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations research team. He is focused on the mountain sector as a sector in transition. Before that, Vincent was already studying in GEM for his master degree in the « Programme Grande Ecole ». Grenoble and its surroundings are the perfect place for Vincent who loves hiking, skiing and running in the moutains during his free time.

Supervisor: Prof. Daudigeos Thibault
Research team: Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations


Xingming YANG

Xingming is a doctoral student in marketing. She is interested in issues related to retail and sustainable marketing. Apart from research, she enjoys swimming, travelling and hanging out with friends.

Supervisors: Prof. Corinne Faure and Prof. Marion Garnier
Research Team: Marketing Strategy and Innovation

Sandiso BAZANA

"I completed a Master of Commerce degree in ​​Industrial Psychology, University of Fort Hare (UFH) in 2012 - before that, Bachelor of Administration degree, majoring in Human Resources Management, Industrial Psychology and Public Administration. I then enrolled for a year of what is called an Honors degree (before a Master's degree) in South Africa in ​​Industrial Psychology. After a master's degree, I worked in the HR department as an HR Intern before I moved into a Lecturer position in 2012/13. Since 2013 I have been in higher education working as an Academic (Lecturing and Supervising postgraduate students research). I have taught courses and supervised postgraduate students' research in ​​Psychology & Industrial / Organizational Psychology in South African universities; the University of Fort Hare and Rhodes University - since 2013. I have taught Organizational Behavior, introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Industrial Relations, and Psychological Assessment at undergraduate levels (2nd and 3 rd. years, respectfully) at UFH and Rhodes University. I have taught Organizational Development at postgraduate level and Multiculturalism in the master's Clinical and Counseling program at Rhodes University. I have published peer reviewed journals in mostly journals based in Africa such as; Journal of Psychology in Africa, New Voices in Psychology, Transformation in Higher Education, Journal of Psychology (India) etc. including media outlets such as: World University News, Conversations and South African based News24 and Mail and Guardian."

Supervisor: Prof. Gazi Islam
Research Team:  Organization, Work, Identity and Career

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