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People, Organizations and Society


The Department for People, Organisation, Society prepares students for the profession of manager, taking into account all the complexities of human, organizational and social behaviour. It thus develops expertise in behavioural sciences, the sociology of organisations, human resources management, ethics and geopolitics in order to combine the wellbeing of staff with performance in the organisation.

The Department also benefits from the commitment of Grenoble Ecole de Management to the GIANT campus for innovation, studying the needs of organisations that develop in international environments and which are innovative and strongly oriented towards technology.


Research within the HOS Department explores every dimension of people and organizations management. Its objective is to understand the various aspects of contemporary work linked with the great changes of organizations and their environment. Research contributes to the development of human dimensions in organizations management. It helps to better combine organizations performance and humanist values.

Research work is undertaken in the following research teams :


A very strong link has been established with companies, such as the work undertaken by the Mindfulness, Well-Being at Work and Economic Peace.


The Department's skills are today  demonstrated by numerous publications in academic journals. The team is also regularly solicited by the professional and economic press for its expert opinions.  

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