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Serious Games

Since 2013, Grenoble Ecole de Management has been developing and using its own serious games. In addition to being fun, the serious game is a powerful tool to engage individuals in complex tasks. The School regularly uses serious games with undergraduate and continuing education students.

Expertise in serious games

The results of this expertise include:

  • A serious game brand - GEM in Game
  • The launch of several serious games
  • A space dedicated to the creation and use of serious games
  • Support services to help companies create their own serious game
  • A research chair dedicated to serious games

Our serious games

  • Superwisor: a game to enhance doctoral guidance
  • Nanorider: Players learn about the business of nanotechnology and key concepts such as innovation, commercialization and shared strategies. The game was awarded second place by the AMBA MBA awards.
  • Tech it! (the American version of Nanorider): Developed with MIT students and commercialized in February of 2016.
  • Games of Deans: Designed to help imagine the future of teaching.
  • GEM Inno Client: Focused on client-oriented innovation. This card game can be played with anywhere from five to forty participants.
  • Objection Your Honor: A role playing game built around public speaking and debating.
  • The Mindful Manager: A virtual serious game developed by the Mindfulness Chair.
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