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Graduate Drives Innovative Agribusiness in Egypt

Published on
29 May 2015

Adel El Shentenaway, is a first class example of a GGSB taught Business Developer, who has successfully applied his know-how and initiative to transform his business ideas into reality.

Following his graduation in 2012, Adel was approached with the exciting challenge of developing an innovative and unique hydroponic system that would be economically feasible to build and run in Egypt, his homeland. His project was a huge success and in 2013 Adel co-founded “Egyptian Hydrofarms” – a hydroponic farm just outside Cairo growing pesticide-free leafy greens and herbs.

Before joining GGSB in 2010, Abel completed his undergraduate studies in International Business in Cairo and had started his professional career at Oxbow Carbon & Minerals Int. as Sales & Marketing Manager for the MENA Region. Keen to further his education Adel carefully selected GGSB’s MSc Business Development, inspired by the program’s global recognition and the opportunity to study in a city as spirited and technology-minded as Grenoble.

Adel’s most memorable experiences from his time at GGSB include the International Residency trip to China, studying alongside peers from all over the world and developing real-life live business cases in partnership with local companies.

Following an internship in France with General Electric Adel returned to Cairo to research and complete his thesis on one of Egypt’s major challenges; waste management and he was later assigned by the Egyptian government to join a special committee dedicated to solving this problem.

Today, Adel is driving the development of Egyptian Hydrofarms, whose produce is sold to leading supermarket chains and upmarket restaurants and hotels. They produce a large variety of entirely natural, pesticide-free lettuce and herbs including many varieties which were previously unavailable on the Egyptian market.

Responsible for the commercial side of Egyptian Hydrofarms, Adel is putting into action the skills and tools he gained during his time at GGSB. Alongside managing production deadlines, marketing the farm’s products and meeting with current and prospective customers, Adel plans strategies for maximizing yield, setting budgets and production targets and manages staff.

Adel and his business partner are currently working on expanding locally and regionally with plans to experiment with more diverse crops, providing greater options for safer produce to the Egyptian and regional markets.

Egyptian Hydrofarms also recently passed the first round for “Endeavor” (the leading high impact entrepreneurship movement around the world) qualifying for the International Selection Panel in San Francisco later this year. GGSB wishes Adel the best of luck for this exciting opportunity and is sure that his groundbreaking work will pay off!

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