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Strategy & Organization

At GEM, we aim to go beyond education and research. Through our ability to develop and share knowledge on the management of technology and innovation, we offer a durable path for organizations to develop, prosper and foster peace. Thus, we would like to provide inspiration for the worlds of education and business as well as all of our partners, including first and foremost, the society we live in.

Our ambition: to be the leading school for business for society

Originally created to meet the needs of regional actors in the fields of innovation, sciences and technology, our school quickly stood out thanks to its abilities to innovate, to create unexpected alliances, and to expand into new regions and expertises beyond the reaches of traditional business schools.

Today, we continue to lead the way by focusing on major societal challenges. Our commitment in terms of responsibility and benevolence guides us in our collaboration with all of our partners in order to build a flourishing and peaceful world. As a Business Lab for Society, a center for business school research, we are working to become a reference point for business schools seeking to create a responsible society.

A durable vision to match our partners' expectations

Our new strategic plan for 2020-2025 is built on five major pillars, of which the first three are intrinsically tied to our identity and expertise:

  • the Management of Technology and Innovation
  • GEM for Society
  • the School of the Future
  • Operational excellence
  • New business models

These five pillars provide a framework to guide our actions and ensure we find sustainable means to meet both our goals and the needs of our partners.

Our raison d’être

Through education and research, we seek to provide responses to the challenges related to the ecological, societal and economic transitions and contribute to a world that is more resilient, more just, more peaceful and more responsible.


Through our expertise in Management of technology and innovation, our close link with our territory and ecosystem, and our capacity to anticipate and accompany transitions, we are using education and research to provide responses to the great challenges of the 21st century and therefor contribute to a world that is more just, more peaceful and more responsible

At GEM, we unite technology, innovation and society to train leaders and managers to act in a rapidly changing world. Through a collaborative effort, we promote skills and knowledge to match the challenges of the 21st century.

Our vision

GEM is a leading actor in the field of MTI (management of technology and innovation) in order to foster a flourishing and peaceful world.

Our values

Responsible, committed and benevolent

Strategic Pillars

  • Management, Technology & Innovation (MTI) : To enrich and disseminate the management of technology and innovation to enable organizations to develop sustainably and to promote prosperity and peace.
  • GEM for Society : To have a positive and distinctive impact on society, and help our stakeholders to be engaged and responsible. 
  • School of the Future: To imagine and build the school of the future.
  • New Business Models : To identify and secure new sources for value creation.
  • Operational excellence of our activities : To bring together creativity, well-being at work and efficiency.
Dean and Director of Grenoble Ecole de Management Loïck Roche
Vice Dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management Jean-François Fiorina
Director of Development & Business Relationships François Leccia 
Secretary-General  Jean-François Coupet
Director of GEM LABS Sylvie Blanco
Director of Pedagogy Armelle Godener
Director of Communications, Brand and Digital Annelaure Oudinot
Faculty Dean Federico Pigni
Director of Paris Campus Martin Zahner
Director of Research  Charles-Clemens Rüling
Associate Dean / Director of Quality, Strategic Planning & Internationalization Julie Perrin-Halot
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