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Thanks to our dedicated research team, our incubator and a specific Advanced Master’s, we have made entrepreneurship a key part of our expertise in order to be at the service of companies and their business development.

Institute for Entrepreneurship: the expertise to support our partners

Our Institute for Entrepreneurship is a center for expertise and resources dedicated to entrepreneurship. The institute aims to foster entrepreneurship at local, national and international levels by uniting key entrepreneurial actors at the school. Its primary missions are:

  • To develop training and projects on the topic of entrepreneurship
  • To support entrepreneurial projects
  • To grow and share knowledge through research
  • To develop and lead an entrepreneurial network

Research dedicated to entrepreneurship

The goal of the Entrepreneurship Research Team is to produce cutting-edge research that enhances our academic understanding and provides new, concrete advice and practices to help entrepreneurs. This expertise is notably focused on topics such as female entrepreneurship and the impact of entrepreneurship on a region thanks to our FERE research chair (Women and economic renewal). Research is also carried out around topics such as the role of networks in the creation and development of new businesses, the identification of entrepreneurial opportunities, the impact of the digital transformation on entrepreneurship, etc.

Updated on 23 May 2023 at 2h35 pm