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Nicolas Zapata: student experience


"You must try all the things you’ve wanted to do at home on your year abroad"

Living in Grenoble has been an exciting and crazy experience. Before coming here I truly didn't know what to expect. The first shock I faced here was the cold; no matter how cold it can be at night in Latin America, I wasn't that well prepared for this weather, a jacket, a coat, gloves, scarf, winter socks... sometimes is not enough.

I met tons of people who are crazy to go out and have fun and learn about you, your culture and your language. Making friends here is fantastic and easy to do. They are always eager to go cooking, travelling, partying or just trying new things. 

Grenoble is located in a very convenient spot in Europe. You can easily reach Spain and go North to England, or if you feel adventurous, rent a car with your friends and go to Italy! Also, plane tickets can be very cheap, they can get as low as 17€ for a 2 hour plane ride to Budapest!

Before coming here I heard people go to Grenoble for skiing, but I couldn't imagine how much of a great deal it was. People from all over the country come here for the great slopes, and the number of mountains. If you don't know how to do, it is alright, most likely your friends know and they will teach you, or you can pay for lessons. Either way it will be fantastic!

For all that I have done here, and all the people I have met, I really like Grenoble, and it's a terrific option to live here if you decided that the university is the right one for you.


Updated on 23 February 2015 at 1h53 pm