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Training operational coaches how to resolve conflicts

Former des coachs opérationnels à la résolution des conflits
Published on
09 April 2021

For over a year, the health crisis has profoundly challenged organizations in the way they work, in managing teams and communication amongst themselves. Stress, exhaustion and misunderstandings are among the issues that have emerged in this situation, and adding to previous issues. Individual and group coaching can provide long-term solutions for conflict resolution and is especially appropriate when tensions are running high.

Be trained to coach provides the ideal preparation for dealing with change of any kind, adapting to a new job, climbing up the career ladder or managing relationships with colleagues. Some methods are more effective than others for managing conflicts in organizations.

Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) is offering two innovative approaches as part of its Executive Education portfolio: the Certification in Supporting individuals with a multidisciplinary coaching approach (Level 1 Coach Badge) and the Certification in Coaching teams or individuals through behavioral agility (Level 2 Coach Badge).

Coaches acting with complete impartiality

"When trying to resolve a conflict, it isn't the coach's job to score points or to point the finger of blame at the 'guilty' party. Coaches do not get personally involved in the disagreement. They need to act with complete impartiality," stresses Ludivine Calamel, Associate Professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management and a certified coach. "Coaches don't come along with a ready-made solution, and they're not responsible for deciding on the outcome. Their role is to guide all the parties towards a way out of the solution using a convincing set of methods and tools. Therefore, the first goal with coaching is to support and steer the parties out of the deadlock in their work relationship. Generally speaking, the actual problem between the parties isn't really a problem at all. In other words, the reason for the disagreement often ends up being something trivial. However, the way that individuals express their views and communicate is definitely not trivial!"

Certification in Supporting individuals with a multidisciplinary approach (Level 1 Coach Badge)

To guide individuals out of a conflict, they can receive personalized coaching to help them view the situation from a different perspective. Coaches and their supportive attitude will obviously be key to resolving the conflict. They are responsible for delivering the best possible guidance to managers and their teams.

The Certification in Supporting individuals with a multidisciplinary approach taught at GEM allows trainees to work on their behavior as a coach. The theoretical side of the course allows participants to learn more about themselves and enhance their active listening skills with the aim of improving their ability to understand individual and group behavior. GEM's Level 1 Coach Badge also lets participants act as an in-house coach to support employees within organizations leading change, while offering individual guidance, especially in case of a conflict.

The Certification in Coaching teams or individuals through behavioral agility (Level 2 Coach Badge)

When managers are looking to resolve a conflict within their team, they can appoint a team coach to act as a mediator.

The Certification in Coaching teams or individuals through behavioral agility (Level 2 Coach Badge) taught at GEM allows participants to work on their role as a team coach. Teaching is based on a systemic approach to the failings that may occur within an organization, especially conflicts. Participants have access to a range of practical and operational tools for analyzing different environments, behavior types and personality structures. They also provide team managers and coaches with an overarching view, while helping identify strategies for engaging teams with the process. The teaching process also draws inspiration from participants' feedback and the coach's previous experience.

Both courses lead to certification on successful completion. They are registered in the specific France Compétences directory as courses providing a consistent set of skills.

Two coaching certification courses taught at GEM

Become a professional coach or incorporate behavioral agility into your coaching skills… GEM has developed two training programs boasting an established 10-year track record with the aim of arming coaches with the tools that they need to support individuals and organizations. Both courses can be taken as a continuing professional development program and lead to professional certification, meaning that they are eligible for funding.

The Certification in Supporting individuals with a multidisciplinary approach trains key resource people how to support individuals with their professional development. This program will allow you to develop your coaching behavior and skills. The course will be taught at GEM starting from October 2021 and is open to applicants with a Bachelor's degree and at least three years' professional experience. Applicants with a high school degree and at least five years' professional experience may also apply.

Are you a certified coach? Are you looking to expand your methods for supporting teams and organizations? The Certification in Coaching teams or individuals through behavioral agility is the key to ramping up and taking your coaching skills to the next level as you help organizations, teams and individuals grow and embrace change. The course will be available in Grenoble from September 2021 and in Paris from March 2022.

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