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Training managers to purchase technology

Grenoble Ecole de Management conforte sa formation « achats » autour du processus des achats technologiques.
Published on
12 July 2018

How can you manage “technology” purchases? Whether its energy, nanotechnology, microprocessors, biotech, pharmaceuticals, big data or artificial intelligence, purchases with such high added value also have important risks in terms of geopolitics and the reliability of supply. How can you manage these risks? Grenoble Ecole de Management has reworked its Advanced Master’s to include processes tied to tech purchases.

Starting in October 2018, 30 Grenoble Ecole de Management students will join the Advanced Master's® in Strategic Purchasing Management. This work/study program will focus on managing processes for tech purchases. Participants in the program have three years' work experience and a master's degree. The program will last 15 months and include work/study experience as well as 486 hours of face to face learning at GEM.

This latest program update enables participants to understand and analyze markets related to technological purchases and their associated raw materials such as rare metals, which can be of strategic importance for any industrial or service-oriented company.

Managing risk for technological purchases

Technological purchases include risks in terms of supply, sales, legal and finance. The program also offers an opportunity to integrate new practices that respect both humankind and the environment. "GEM's DNA has always been built around the management of technology and innovation. The Advanced Master's in Strategic Purchasing Management is integrating this DNA to contribute to advancing the work of purchasing departments. The program now offers a new means for us to support companies in their purchasing strategy," underlines Valérie Bost, who is in charge of the Advanced Master's.

Training operational managers to source technology

To be innovative, it's essential to understand and integrate factors such as geopolitics, energy, and environmental concerns when sourcing technology. For example, understanding how the supply of natural resources can be fragile is an important part of creating an environmentally friendly design for innovative processes and products. The Advanced Master's provides managers with all the skills required to work in international and rapidly changing environments. As a result, graduates can apply for operational jobs as well as jobs that include financial and managerial responsibilities.

Ethics and responsibility

The Advanced Master's has the added particularity of integrating ethics and responsibility in its training on processes for technological purchases. "Students not only learn about project management with new concepts in terms of legal, geopolitical and financial aspects, they also learn soft skills that foster respect and cooperation both internally and externally," explains Valérie.

In addition to learning about operational aspects of purchasing, students learn about themes such as "mediation and collaboration, creating value, agility, co-creation and innovation, virtual companies, geopolitics, economic intelligence, and digitalization."

Advanced Master's in Strategic Purchasing Management - content & program

  • Lead the analysis of purchasing requirements for internal and external needs
  • Create a marketing plan for purchases
  • Create and implement policies and strategies for purchasing
  • Manage relationships with suppliers
  • Create and evaluate purchasing performance
  • Implement global supply chain strategies
  • Lead information system and purchasing strategies

The program includes:

  • A specific module to integrate concepts
  • A foreign exchange study experience
  • Up to 80 hours of individual mentoring

Work/study experience is gained thanks to a job or internship contract with a company.

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