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Rankings: 3 Programs Newly Ranked by Qs

Published on
29 November 2017

Grenoble’s Master in International Business (MIB), MSC Finance and MBA are newly ranked by the QS rankings. According to these QS releases, GEM confirms its quality and its positioning in the business school landscape. These 3 programs perform on the Diversity of both students and faculty members.

Master in Management Ranking: 26th worldwide rank for Grenoble’s MIB

Grenoble’s Master in International Business lands on the 26th worldwide rank out of the 121 other programs ranked. Its best performance is on Diversity with a 90/100 score which corresponds to an 8th rank on this criterion.
The MIB ranking

Master in Finance Ranking: Grenoble’s MSc is ranked 41st in the world

Grenoble’s MSc Finance gets its best score on the Value for money criterion: 83/100 points. This corresponds to a 21st rank out of the 131 Masters in Finance ranked. MSc Finance’ second best performance is a 27th rank for the Diversity it brings to students.
MSc Finance ranking

Global MBA Ranking : 22nd European and 62nd worldwide program

Grenoble’s MBA is well ranked among 232 other schools. The program performs with a 62nd worldwide rank and a 22nd European rank.
Ranked 11th on the Diversity criterion, the MBA is recognized for its balance of gender and its multicultural environment.
Grenoble’s MBA is above the mean results of the 70 European schools ranked. +1 point for Diversity, +7.8 points for Entrepreneurship & Alumni success and + 7.5 points for ROI.
The MBA ranking

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