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Put Music on your Website

Published on
13 October 2015

Your web communication needs to offer a rich consumer experience to distinguish it from others. Nowadays, websites must evoke enjoyable and memorable feelings in their visitors in order to encourage them to revisit and recommend the website.

Caroline Cuny and Marianela Fornerino, researchers from the Marketing team, and their co-author decided to focus on the effect of music on this web experience; how its impact explains e-behavioral intentions through two underlying processes: immersion and customer experience.

How would music enhance the visitors’ experience?

A total of 250 people were surveyed for their intentions to re-visit and recommend a virtual art gallery. The results reveal that music fosters e-behavioral intentions. Music offers a particularly fitting stimulus that captures and holds attention naturally by building melodic and rhythmic tensions. In addition, sound studies reveal that this stimulus promotes the memorization of advertising messages and creates positive emotions. When the environment features music it can result in the visitor experiencing a disconnect from the real world and a connection to a virtual environment (immersion).

The results also emphasize that immersion and aesthetic experience (emotions and contemplation) mediate this effect. On top of content, design and architecture, the researchers demontrate in this article that music fosters the immersion of the visitor which leads to a better experience. These findings confirm the impact of music on re-visits and intention to recommend and so, could help managers design more effective websites.

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