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Paris: A New Campus for GEM

Un nouveau Campus de GEM à Paris
Published on
16 June 2020

Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) has been located in Paris since 2014. A conclusive experience that has led to a more ambitious investment, with the opening of our new Paris campus in January 2020. The new campus located at 96 rue Didot (in the 14th district), has replaced the previous one situated in rue Ranelagh (in the 16 ‘district). This project represents a 2,5M€ investment for approximately 2 500 m2 on three floors. This new campus aims to welcome 800 to 1 000 students each year.

A green campus in the heart of the capital and of Parisian student life

Extensive green areas, eco-friendly vending machines with no plastic cups, water fountains throughout the campus and a definitive ban on plastic bottles. The visitor is invited into a green space right in the heart of Paris. Designed in collaboration with the organization Zero Waste France, the GEM Paris Campus is a 100% zero waste campus. The building offers 'evolutionary' and sustainable spaces designed for the long-term and continuous reinvention: a 'future-proof' campus.
A green space at the heart of the new 'Broussais Hopsital' 14th district, this new campus has replaced the former premises of the Red Cross, near the International University City. This district is undergoing a profound urban transformation, mainly developed around a public space project that has truly opened this area up to the city. The 'promenade plantée', a green space dedicated to pedestrians, is the central axis of this project. Most of the existing buildings have been preserved and either rehabilitated or converted. Several other schools like GEM have also invested in the area. This district promotes a mix of populations, facilities and shops that offer future GEM students undeniable benefits

A building designed by and for its users, for a blended learning model

Designed around the GEM Learning Model, the GEM Paris is a place where human interaction and knowledge come together, a place where thought and action are co-created, with an economic purpose enriched by societal objectives and commitments. It provides students with 9 classrooms, a 120 m2  learning center, a 500 m2 space dedicated to projects, modular rooms, spaces for Executive Education, and an interior patio.

During the day, students can arrange the premises as they wish to. "This responds to a desire to offers students the spaces that they need for learning" explains Jean-Philippe Rennard, Director of the GEM campus in Paris. He continues: "No classroom is fixed. All the furniture is mobile. All teachers can rearrange their rooms as they wish to; before or even during the classes. The rooms are equipped with a variety of surfaces for writing, touch screens to facilitate learning in project mode, to exchange information or to send information directly to teachers. The equipment also enables the creation of virtual workgroups located outside of the city. Students on the campus in one of our project spaces will be able to collaborate with students in virtual classrooms located outside of the campus. The next step, that we had started to work on and which was brought to hold by the Covid-19 pandemic, is the implementation of a system to deliver lessons simultaneously on our Paris and Grenoble campuses", concludes Jean-Philippe Rennard.

For international students, continuing education students, and students working part-time

GEM will welcome students to its Paris Campus for the following programs:

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