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Paris 2023: Follow the progress of the work of our new GEM Paris Campus

Published on
23 February 2023

The new, Paris-based eco-campus for the Grenoble School of Management (GEM) is currently being built. Completion is expected for this summer! You can follow the progress of the work in time-lapse videos.

A campus for the ecological transition

Located in the Newport Pantin district on the edges of Paris, described as the new Brooklyn by the New York Times, the Paris campus is located very close to iconic companies, such as Chanel, Hermès, the BETC advertising agency, BNP and the Banque de France.
It has been designed and furnished in accordance with the social and environmental responsibility of the Grenoble school: ecologically built, E+C- eco-certified with a biodiversity label, close to public transport, offering modular and connected spaces, adapted to new teaching methods...

Key figures

  • 1 auditorium with 300 seats
  • 20 HyFlex rooms: hybrid classrooms for simultaneous in-person and distance learning
  • 1 cafeteria with 130 seats & a work café
  • 4 multi-purpose project spaces
  • 20 meeting rooms, cubicles, collaborative spaces
  • 1 wellness area
  • 1 learning centre
  • 2 video recording studios
  • Sitting - standing - lying work spaces

Learn more about the new eco-campus

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