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02 Jun 2016

MSc Finance students win the Luxembourg Wealth Management Case Competition

On May 29th - 31st 2016, the Luxembourg School of Finance (LSF) organized the second edition of its Wealth Management Competition, the LSF Challenge, during which top teams from all around the world competed on real-work case studies.

Lakshya Sharma, Arianna  Goddi, and Cesar Cantu from the MSc Finance program at Grenoble Ecole de Management made up one of 25 teams in the competition.  

Nine teams were then invited to take part in the final round in Luxembourg. After initial lectures on topics such as taxes, insurance, wealth management, etc. the teams were given 24 hours to prepare a presentation and a proposal for the case.  

“We know that Wealth management is completely focused towards the clients, staying in-line with their needs was our strategy since the beginning. The invited teams represented 9 universities from 8 countries. This allowed us to get to know different people and how they think differently for a certain situation.

Furthermore, the event gave us an opportunity to meet experienced professionals (CEO's and M.D.'s) and consultants, who helped us with their valuable advice and tips throughout, via meetings and lectures.

The event helped us learn more about strategies concerned with the Wealth Management sector (focusing on client needs, taxation, insurance, etc.). We were quite amazed by the organizing committee's expectations from the Grenoble Ecole de Mangement team and we lived on that expectation.

Our team strategy, innovative and coherent solutions, co-ordination within the team and interaction with the jury made us stand out from our competitors. Our team was well praised by all of the jury members and visiting audience as well,” explains Lakshya Sharma, MSc Finance student on the winning team.

  About the LSF Challenge

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