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20 Jun 2017

MSc Fashion, Design and Luxury Management: 2 teams selected for the Chaumet Challenge

MSc Fashion Challenge Chaumet GEM

The Chaumet challenge is an international competition, organized by Chaumet, one of the significant luxury brands in LVMH group. The company selects students from top European schools to participate in this competition which involves solving a live business case. After one month of successive meetings and brain storming, Shengfan Lu and Anna Sartore were selected to be in the top 10 finalists from over 50 participating teams.


"The most exciting part of the competition is that it offered us a great opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills we had acquired on the program. We put ourselves into Chaumet's shoes, by planning the brand's future from their perspective. As business school students it was an amazing feeling to contribute to the innovation of the future!

Also, we were surprised by the fact that once you have an idea and determination, so many people around you are willing to help. Professors from the program have supported our project over its duration, providing us with insights from different sectors, including marketing, finance and sustainability. Colleagues in our class were also very enthusiastic when we asked for their opinions.

Moreover, in the second stage of the competition, we got the chance to communicate with Chaumet directly and receive their feedback and suggestions. Throughout the entire period of the project we experienced the true spirit of entrepreneurship!

GEM's MSc Fashion, Design and Luxury Management is the foundation of this competition and our future career, providing us with professional knowledges of the industry, international teamwork skills as well as many practical opportunities to put our learning into practice. What sets the fashion and luxury business apart from the others is that it is a culture industry, and this masters program trains students how to do business from a cultural perspective. Thanks to the professional training and network we have gained, we leave the first year of the program feel highly confident about our future in this fascinating industry! "

Shengfan Lu and Anna Sartore, MSc FDLM Students.

Nathalie Penin

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