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06 Apr 2017

London Campus Finance Conference

London Campus GEM's MSc Finance Conference

The first jointly organized conference between undergraduate and postgraduate students of Grenoble Ecole de Management's (GEM) London campus and the University of Law was convened on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 March 2017 on the themes of Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Financial Trading.

The event brought together representatives from Lloyds Bank, Goldman Sachs, University of Greenwich as well as alumni from Grenoble Ecole de Management and a guest speaker from GISMA Business School, Germany.  Subjects covered the future of regulation in financial services, block chain technology as a potential social good, employability in future financial services provision and the attributes of today's board directors in UK financial services.

The event concluded with proposals for publication, dissemination of findings and plans for future meetings. Together with a bridging essay this archive will form the proceedings of the conference.

The papers in outline

  • Steve Priddy, Academic Dean GEM London/Dean GISMA Business School on the sociology of financial trading algorithms
  • Francesco Vita - GEM alumni and now at Goldman Sachs on risk management and regulation in investment banking
  • Luca Branco - GEM alumni - MSc Finance, on Europe Central Bank announcements, regulation and its effects on mitigating the global financial crisis
  • Professor Cesario Mateus - GEM Associate Professor and MSc Finance lecturer on Boards of Directors and their attributes in the financial services sector
  • Steve Bailey - GEM visiting lecturer, entrepreneur, coach and mentor - opportunities in the financial services sector
  • Mario Stumpo, entrepreneur, bitcoin, block chain and other technological advances and the opportunities they create
  • Jendrik Silomon, GISMA alumni - history and philosophy of machine intelligence, opportunities and threats
  • David Watson, Global University Systems alumni, Associate Director Lloyds Bank, panel contribution on regulation and HRM in the banking sector

GEM student Mattias Eliasson, who, along with Asa Eriksson, was heavily involved in the organization of the conference, spoke after the event:
"The students who attended our conference have now gained some great connections into major financial corporations - and benefited insights from experts in the field. Every dedicated individual that has been a part of our project feels a sense of accomplishment and, in the end, that is what matters."

Grenoble Ecole de Management congratulates its London Campus students who worked hard to make this event a reality and hopes this will be the first of many successful collaborative events with its partner the University of Law.

Nathalie Penin

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