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16 Oct 2014

GGSB Success story: Benjamin Devoise a Fast-Track Career

Benjamin Devoise is one example of a successful GGSB student. Having recently finished the taught part of his MSc in Business Development, and working on his Final Management Project at the moment, he already started a fast-paced career doing what he likes best: generating value for a company through its sales activities.

Benjamin is currently working in London for the company leader in business intelligence in petrochemical products: ICIS, part of Reed Business Information. Benjamin, a French national, is only 23, and this makes him the youngest in a team of 14 other members with wide experience in providing intelligence reports on market trends to buyers of petrochemical products.

Despite his youth, after his studies in GGSB Benjamin is well-equipped for this demanding job where he is responsible for a portfolio of 1 Million Pounds per year in revenues. As he says “the school gave me the tools, the knowledge and the awareness of the intricacies of this job. It´s now my time to put these tools to good use, to listen to the clients and provide them with solutions”. Benjamin´s recipe for success: a young spirit, hard work ethic and the excellent academic foundation he got at GGSB.

Of his time at GGSB, Benjamin emphasizes the fantastic experience of being in Grenoble, a city he particularly likes for its young vibe, where a high-tech environment is ever present. As Benjamin puts it “Grenoble is fresh, new, vibrant…” The same excitement is obvious when he talks about one of the highlights of the Business Development program: the International Business Trip, which for him meant travelling to Brazil, a country he had never visited before. Through this experience, he had the chance of knowing not only a different culture; he and his class got a feel for what it is like to do business in a different context, country, and culture.

Benjamin, still in the process of formally completing his thesis before he graduates, is a true example of the type of successful career GGSB students boast. Join Benjamin and fast-track your career too.