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Executive Education: A freshly revised program for Information System Managers

Manager des SI : un nouveau programme avec trois certificats
Published on
16 October 2020

The new executive program for Information and Digital Systems Managers is shorter and more flexible in order to meet the needs of working professionals. As of January 2021, Grenoble Ecole de Management will deliver the program in the form of three certificates delivered over the course of a year.

The program is aimed at French-speaking professionals seeking a continuing education program equivalent to the BAC+5 (Master's level in France). How does the program stand out? By bringing together a variety of profiles from various sectors, jobs, cultures and professional backgrounds, the program ties everything back to information systems. Classes are delivered at the Grenoble Campus with the use of innovative tools such as the experimental LABS.

"As of January 2021, the new program will last 12 months (instead of 15) with three certificates that can receive public funding (as well as funding by companies and other organizations) and be earned during a worker's time off," explains Cécile Séon. The program covers the 9 skill sets set out in the official French registry for professionals skills in Information Systems. It is open to continuing education students with a minimum of 4 years' experience.

A customizable program

"The three certificates can be earned individually or over the course of three years in order to earn the final title of Information and Digital Systems Manager. Each certificate includes practical applications to be carried out at one's company," adds Cécile. "Thanks to the modulable format, students can develop a favorable professional network with a variety of participants." 80% of teachers are also experienced professionals with careers at major corporations, SMEs, startups and mid-caps. 20% of teachers are GEM staff.

Certificate: "Implementing an Information Systems project"

108 hours – 15 days

This certificate aims to develop agile skills for project management. The curriculum includes theoretical and practical learning experiences thanks to a real-life case to be carried out by the group over the course of 6 months.
Classes focus on change management for digital projects, lean management, digital transitions in companies, and how to define the right project management. In addition, the certificate covers all classic project management tools: kick off, comité de pilotage...
Students will work in groups in order to carry out an in-company project. "The idea is to use the project as a lieu for experimentation. This mission includes a report to be delivered to the participating company and a jury presentation."

Certificate: "Developing your leadership for Information Systems teams"

94 hours – 13 days

This certificate focuses on personal development: improving your self-awareness and understanding how you operate in your comfort zones and in situations of stress. The goal is to improve the management of emotions and thereby improve the management of IT teams and individuals. The certificate includes the Process Com, which establishes typologies for personalities in order to better understand our fundamental traits, our experiences and how to enact a variety of behaviors and postures. 
The certificate's end-goal is to facilitate interactions and exchanges with others. Specific training will be provided on managerial postures through learning the art of speaking with eloquence in order to better communicate and convince. There is a focus on managers and teams in multidisciplinary IT environments: recruitment, management, lay offs… As well as tools for conflict management and support in the Information Systems environment. The certificate concludes with a dissertation and an oral presentation.

Certificate: "Implementing innovative and responsible Information Systems"

140 hours - 20 days

Information Systems governance is the guiding principle of this certificate in order to support the development of a company's strategic interests. How are Information Systems an essential part of an organization's development? What actions can be implemented to ensure an Information Systems is at the cutting-edge and useful for the organization?
"This certificate integrates technology intelligence thanks to dedicated conferences. It explores the architecture and urbanization of Information Systems in order to be coherent with an overall strategy. The idea is to establish a relevant analysis in order to choose the right tools and methods for future changes, in particular in terms of Cloud services. Another aspect covered by the certificate is the management of Information Systems risk (cybersecrutiy), which focuses on how to match the right expert to the right problem. Governance and strategy issues also bring forth the issue of developing a greener IT. Finally, the certificate will explore issues related to quality and finance in order to have a global perspective of IT strategies for organizations. The certificate concludes with a dissertation and an oral presentation," concludes Cécile.

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