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DBA: A guide to achieve your Doctorate

Franck Rouault
Published on
09 May 2017

Franck Rouault is a 2015 Grenoble Ecole de Management DBA graduate. He has co-written a book entitled "Doctrine- The Guide to achieve your Doctorate" with 4 other authors who are also DBA graduates. In this book, they share their experiences and tips for success with future DBA candidates.

This book is bilingual and includes both a French and an English version. The authors focus on the four-years journey, and the various motivational steps candidates will need to achieve their DBA degrees.

"Earning a Doctorate is the ultimate challenge: it's the highest degree possible you can earn, it requires you to move well outside of your comfort zone, and to recognize that no matter how experienced and expert you are in your professional domain, you are, indeed a neophyte in the world of research, and that this is no easy task. It takes a special kind of courage to even dare to do a doctorate, at any age, at any point in your career. You must summon up and concentrate all of your energies on the objective of completion. The finish line seems so far ahead, and yet you know that others, too, have been here before you, and done this. You have joined the world of thinkers, and once you've done that, once you've caught this fever, there's usually… no turning back."

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