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Admission oral examination: Robot allows panel members to interview candidates when out of town

Published on
22 June 2016

During this busy period of admissions at Grenoble Ecole de Management, a new feature has made its way in the examination room. This year, thanks to a robot named “Sam” (In French: Système Audiovisuel Mobile), panel members can face candidates alongside other panel members, from wherever they are in the world, without having to leave their desk. Sam is fully controllable from a distance and available on demand via the booking platform PRESENCE+ Campus developed by RoboCARE Lab.

Sam the robot and its booking platform allow for a new telepresence service that is both sustainable and socially responsible.

“Sam gives the possibility to panel members, often business leaders in the case of a business school entrance exams, to select the school’s future talents, and thus their business’s future talents, without wasting time commuting. It can be quite surprising to a candidate to be interviewed by a robot. Naturally, we will warn them but at the same time it is essential that they master this new communication tool”, explains Béatrice Nerson, Director, French Grande Ecole - Master in Management Program, at Grenoble Ecole de Management.

Sam’s other involvement

“We are testing Sam on our entrance exam panels but we are also thinking of other ways to use this new technology: campus visits for students living abroad, student exchanges, faculty visits from other institutions, or participation on the school’s committees via Sam”, explains Susan Nallet, Director, Careers, Alumni and Corporate Relations at GEM.

RoboCARE Lab, designer of the PRESENCE+ Campus booking platform, was created by Faissal Houhou and Dominique Blasco, both graduates of GEM.

“When I was a student at GEM, I took part in a student exchange program with TEC de Monterrey in 1993. I would have been very keen at the time to be able to stay in touch as directly as a robot like Sam proposes with my professors and classmates in order to interact on our respective international experience. I am impatient to participate for the first time to an entrance exam panel in June thanks to PRESENCE+ Campus and controlling Sam from my desk in Toulouse” explains Faïssal Houhou.