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7 Reasons to do an MBA at Grenoble Ecole de Management

7 Reasons to do an MBA at Grenoble Ecole de Management
Published on
19 June 2023

Looking to advance your career, find purpose in your work, connect with people and ideas, and embrace intellectual and cultural adventures? Discover the 7 reasons to join the MBA program on our campus in Grenoble, highlighted by Chahndra DAL PONT, Program Director.

Explore an MBA at GEM, the Grenoble School of Business

1. Value for money

Grenoble’s cost of living is less than most cosmopolitan cities. And as part of the elite 1% of triple accredited, top-10 school in France, our #MBA is packed with extras at a fraction the price of North American programs (Free French classes, personal development inventory and training, career coaching, and more!)

2. Our (Green-)Tech ecosystem and network in the Silicon Valley of France

A springboard for learning to lead transformations, be they sustainable, digital, organizational, or otherwise. We've built a strong collaborative network around both tech and ecological solutions with glocal partners - integrating students, government, researchers, and businesses into problem solving and value creation sessions.

3. Immersive methods

Hands-on learning encourages sharing: three sites between Grenoble and Paris (including Grenoble’s phygital GEM Labs), expert speakers (alumni and professionals), and Live Business Cases. With small class sizes and high teacher accessibility, you won't get lost in a crowd. Active participation is essential!

4. Unlimited free access to our exclusive MBA-alumni

Our virtual community features conferences, master-classes, best practice sharing, and collaborative solution sessions run for and by our MBA, plus annual MBA networking events around the world. Your learning shouldn’t end with your classes! Connect with our 2,100+ MBAalumni of our 45,000 school alumni world-wide. You are sure to be at two degrees of separation from your ideal job or your ideal solution!

5. Become a Digital Transformation agent and experience Berlin's Start-Up Ecosystem 

A one-week study trip includes airfare and hotel. Connect with start-ups and hubs, immerse yourself in a thriving tech scene, and indulge in the cultural offerings of this European gem. Embrace professional, cultural, and personal exploration during your stay!

6. Explore Europe 

From our central base in the French Alps, the outdoor and mountaineering hub of France, enjoy biking along the Isère river, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, and more! Finished your 10 months of intensive study? Take advantage of the validity of your visa to extend your stay with an internship, or professional experience while you write your paper from anywhere in Europe.

7. Need I mention the French culinary experience you will have?

As an expat in France for 20 years, a program graduate, and now as the director, I can confirm this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It offers not only educational learning and inspiring courses, but also valuable contacts and unforgettable moments beyond the classroom. This is more than just an online class; it is an exceptional journey for you.

Give an extra boost to your international career with our MBA

Adrien Jordan, PhD, MBA, Business Development Manager at CICOR Group. “Undertaking an MBA has been a game-changer in my career trajectory. It empowered me to bridge the gap between my technical expertise in nanotechnologies and the business acumen required to excel in the corporate world. Through the program, I gained a comprehensive understanding of key management concepts, strategic planning, and effective communication, which have proven invaluable in my role as a Business Development Manager for the esteemed CICOR group in Switzerland. The MBA experience not only broadened my horizons but also honed my critical thinking abilities, enabling me to analyze market trends, identify opportunities, and drive sustainable growth for my organization. Overall, the MBA has been instrumental in positioning me as a versatile professional capable of navigating and thriving in the competitive business landscape.”
Adrien Jordan, PhD, MBA, Business Development Manager at CICOR Group.

The MBA in a few words

  • Entry requirements: Masters or 4-year Bachelor degree and at least three years of full-time work experience
  • Degree level: Master's degree
  • 100% taught in English
  • Full-time MBA in Grenoble Campus
  • Executive Part-time MBA in Tbilisi

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