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MSC ISE Testimonials

MSc ISE Entrepreneur Brings Innovation to India

Tanay Jadhav’s entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for learning drove him from a small town in Maharashtra, India, to one of Europe’s top management schools. His search for a unique masters program, which would enhance his business abilities and equip him with the skills and confidence to build his own career, led him to choose the field of Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. 

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Graduate Launches Start-up

I have always been passionate about engineering and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I had been searching for a Master’s program which would equip me with the knowledge and confidence to bring my business ideas to life...

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Huwein Zheng

The MSc ISE and its practical, real-world experience helped me tap into another professional domain and shift my career path.

As a working professional with several years in the field of marketing and communications, I lacked the engineering background of many ISE students. I felt that this put me at a disadvantage for switching to an innovation path. However, I was able to use the experience gained through my courses and the Live Business Case to successfully complete an internship with a French company.

I found that I was well prepared for my internship topic, which dealt with reverse innovation in emerging countries with a focus on China, India, and Brazil, thanks to the ISE program courses.

The program design allowed me gain concrete skills that aided my transition from a marketing and communications path to an innovation and strategy path. This would have been challenging without the preparation this program gave me. The connections I made at GGSB are also important. You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to do business with a former classmate or professor!

I am excited about my new field and really appreciate the opportunities I had through the MSc in Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. This is a program with a bright future!

Augustina Mook Poh Yen

MSc in Innovation, Strategy and EntrepreneurshipMSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship exceeded my expectations. This is a rigorous program taught by experienced professionals in a highly international setting. I turned down offers from U.K. business schools to attend this program, and I am learning a lot from this unique, challenging experience.

I am particularly satisfied with the program organization: the coordinator is accessible, friendly, and open to feedback, and administrative teams helped make the transition to a French school smooth and effortless.

Students in this program have benefited from a surprising amount of professional exposure, with company visits and networking opportunities that broaden academic and professional perspectives. This personal touch distinguishes the MSc ISE from similar programs at other schools.

All in all, the MSc ISE has the makings of a world-class program with solid academic and intellectual foundations, enhanced by a team of capable, international professors. This is definitely a program for budding technologists, entrepreneurs, and those who aspire to work in the businesses of tomorrow.