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MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship: Live Business Cases


E-VAWT allows the concentration of Renewable Energies production to sell to local distributors, transportation of electricity and consumption in buildings, and homes In the future MWT Eolienne aims to create Renewable Energies closer to consumers to fill the gaps in the current model. Students will be asked to do analysis, do a P&L, create a business plan and make recommendations.


If you have heard about UAVs, Balloon, pseudo satellite (solar impulse), you may have imagined all the applications that you could have thanks to these flying vehicles: transport of goods, video shooting with unbelievable angles and why not relay of communication? The Airbus LBC examines these ideas and asks students to examine market trends, identify emerging business and make recommendations.


The IRT operates in the context of the Micro and Nanoelectronics. They are launching a new platform of advanced characterisations for the Nano and Microelectronics.
The Live Business Case will identify and define the market positioning of this new platform and the business model/strategy. 


Renault is active on new mobility solutions (zero emission vehicle and car-sharing) and they stay ahead on the market of innovative solutions.
What is the best way for Renault to provide a solution for car-sharing integrated with Urban Transportation Network? The students will have to edit a player mapping, do a business plan and define 2 or 3 alternative scenarios.


Bluemint Labs is the maker of Bixi, an ultraportable gesture recognition device. The company is being incubated by STMicroelectronics, Grenoble. The LBC students will accompany Bluemint Labs in their preparation for CES'2016 show and Kickstarter campaign of January'16. The general work of students will be Marketing and Data analytics (research) oriented.


eBikeLabs is a young project aiming to develop the use of light electric vehicles (LEV) as they are a great answer to today's mobility and sustainable development challenges. The LBC will focus on eBikeMaps community growth and encompass International marketing, Communication strategy and Business development


Startuphome provides community and accommodation to the brilliant young professionals and startups in major cities. They stand for free movement for talents and entrepreneurs worldwide. Students will be involved in the company Business Development plan and will be expected to leverage the value, agility and creativity of the acquired methodology in order to develop the business case and market analysis.

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