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MSc IHRM testimonials

Tiffany Brown

I am originally from California and have worked in Human Resources in the television and film and the fashion industries. My goal in life was to live outside of the U.S., to get international experience and learn other languages.

I chose GEM because I was very impressed by the course content. Other HR Masters programs in France heavily emphasized the managerial side of HR Management, but not the full organizational picture. As the degree name indicates, we are learning about HR from a global perspective along with the ins and outs of organizational development, behavior, and changes.

I was also attracted to the program because I knew that the school has triple accreditation and well-recognized MSc programs, which will help with future employment opportunities. I would like to work for a multinational company that promotes growth and development, with a diverse workforce, and potential opportunities in other countries. I wish to remain in Europe and work in various countries within the EU, and eventually to move to Asia or South America to expand my experience in the same domain.

Mirna Morni

Originally from Venezuela, I have a background in journalism, classical music studies and translation. I have lived in France for four years and would like to stay here and work as a brand manager or director in a retail industry company. I chose GEM because of its reputation and international environment. We have access to the best and most recent material and case studies, and I have also learned a lot from my multicultural classmates. Being at GEM has made me not only a better businesswoman but a better person.

Joseph Neumann

The opportunity to study and work with students and professors from all over the world, as well as the location and reputation of the school, made this program stand out above all my other options. I have received support and resources from faculty that have given me confidence in this field. The MSc in IHRM was crucial in helping me gain the knowledge I needed to later find real-world experience through my internship. I know that my academic and professional experience here at GEM will be an important stepping stone to finding work in the future.