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MSc Finance Testimonials

Kevin Vasku

“The MSc Finance at GEM helped me in 3 ways. Firstly, it has been a great platform to acquire the technical skills needed across many finance jobs. Secondly, it taught me to be entrepreneurial - the school makes available a lot of resources both on the academic and career service side, one must be proactive and use them. Thirdly, it allowed me to live in an international environment and build meaningful relationships across cultures. Before the end of the master's degree, I found my first job at JP Morgan thanks to a campus recruiting event organised by the school's career service. Today I’m a private wealth advisor at Goldman Sachs. Looking back, I am grateful to have attended a generalist program. Once explored and studied all areas of finance within the class year, I was able to make a conscious decision on what profession to choose as I was progressing with my career. Most importantly, I am grateful to have attended such program at GEM. At the end it’s the people that you remember, and I will keep a dear memory of both the professors and the friends I made during this experience. ” - Kevin Vasku, MSc Finance 2017 Graduate, CPrivate Wealth Advisor at Goldman Sachs

Heema Patel

“I am currently working as a Credit Strategy Associate at Bloomberg LP in their London office. Grenobe Ecole de Management MSc Finance has helped me build a solid foundation of knowledge which I am able to apply practically in my current job, literally on a daily basis. I have found this job during the Career Fair where we get to meet top company's rep directly. The professors are highly qualified with great industry experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed this program. It has played a pivotal role in my career.” - Heema Patel, MSc Finance 2021 Graduate, Credit Strategy Associate at Bloomberg LP

Alessandro Toppetti

“I chose MSc Finance at GEM because I was looking for a university that would launch my career in finance and give me exposure to a truly international environment.

The academic content gives a broad overview of different disciplines within finance with both technical/quantitative and qualitative courses. The faculty is eager to help students succeed providing them with useful resources and initiatives.

There are also several student associations, which allow students to develop entrepreneurial and business acumen. Professors are passionate about what they teach and are always available to answer questions. Classes are very international with students coming from all over the world giving you exposure to different cultures and mindsets.

I am currently an analyst within the Private Wealth Management department of Goldman Sachs in London and I work within the Portfolio Management Group desk where we run discretionary portfolio mandates for wealthy clients. The MSc Finance at GEM helped me find my first internship thanks to its internal job posting (previous alumnus), and allowed me to be able to grasp a bit of every concept within different fields of finance which was very useful for the interviews and in starting my new role.” - Alessandro Toppetti, MSc Finance 2018 Graduate, Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Hong Zhang

“The MSc Finance provided me with a solid systematic knowledge of both Corporate Finance and the Financial Market.

I particularly enjoyed the study-friendly, cooperative and very international learning environment.  Being in a class of 17 different nationalities helped me to cultivate my cross-culture communication skills, which have proved essential to me as I enter the globalized world of business. The program enabled me to enhance my theoretical knowledge, whilst at the same time gaining practical experience, which has largely improved my competitiveness and employability.

After taught part of the program, an alumnus presented me with the opportunity to do an internship in Deutsche Bank within Wealth Management Department in Luxembourg. One year later, I moved to London and started my first job in Bloomberg in Financial Analytics and Sales department.

As a GEM graduate I continue to benefit greatly from offers of employment around the world from the School’s careers centre service and I also feel that the alumni network is continuously being strengthened over time, to the advantage of all graduates.” - Hong Zhang

Aurélien Mauro

The MSc in Finance at GEM gave me a solid grounding in finance thanks to the broad scope of the curriculum, combining both theory and hands-on practice. The diversity of the students, coming from all over the world, and their common interest in Finance contributed to make the atmosphere just awesome, with a strong team spirit and mutual help amongst us.

Merve Küçük

For me the MSc Finance program was enriching on so many different levels: developing myself and building up on my education and career whilst at the same time making lifelong friends all over the world and learning so much about other cultures.

The people surrounding me throughout the program, classmates as well as professors, became like a family to me and it was an extremely positive experience which opened many doors, both professionally and socially.
When comparing my experience with peers who followed a similar Masters course elsewhere, I realize the high value of this particular program and I feel that I made a very good decision to study at Grenoble Ecole de Management.

I had a science background with limited knowledge of management or economics so the MSc Finance was a great conversion course for me. The curriculum covered all major areas of finance, providing us with a broad perspective as well as more in-depth knowledge in each field. By the end of the program I felt that I was in a strong position to apply for jobs within different areas in finance and bring added value to these companies. I strongly believe that the MSc. played a very significant role in the career path that led me to my current position and equipped me with the skills and network necessary to achieve this.

In addition to the quality of the program and its lively international dynamic, Grenoble is a fantastic place to study and I felt lucky to have the opportunity to discover this beautiful region. If I could do it all again, I would!

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