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MSc Business Development

• Regular track (2 years): Year 1 - on campus 7 months + 4-6 months internship; Year 2 - 5 months on campus + 4-6 month internship
• Short track (1 year): 6 months on campus + 4-6 months internship

Start of program: September 2023 (France)
Online Application Deadlines

Regular & Short Track : Grenoble
Courses are taught entirely in English

Bachelor-level undergraduate degree in any subject. Fluency in English

Master's degree. Diplôme visé Bac +5 conférant le Grade de Master : "Diplôme d'études supérieures de management stratégique d'activités internationales". RNCP 37252.

Regular track (per year): € 12,950 Short Track (full program): € 16,750 Sept 2023 intake

Become a Global Business Leader

The objective of this program is to build the abilities and skills to develop and lead business in an international and multicultural environment.

Participants will develop the knowledge and competencies to identify and understand critical business drivers and current issues, develop appropriate strategies to create competitive advantage and sources of value.

The challenges of the program are to understand the approach to different international markets, the negotiation process in a multicultural context, the globalization of business and to help to improve the competitiveness of companies.

Skills Acquired

    • •   Design and manage diverse teams within a global environment.
    • •   Demonstrate a high-level of critical analysis of organizational, economic and geopolitical challenges with an ability express your ideas in a clear and coherent manner.
    • •   Fully assess the ethical, environmental impact of decisions and actions of your organization.
    • •   Understand the key challenges and functions of different departments and services within your organization and interact with them in an efficient and constructive manner.
    • •   Generate innovative and adaptable ideas and solutions to overcome the changing environment of your organization.
    • •   Work efficiency in a technology focused environment thus demonstrating robust digital proficiency.
    • •   Demonstrate an in-depth comprehension of the key present and future challenges within the context of your chosen specialization.
    • More details on France Compétences website, sheet n° 37252.

Our Strengths

    • •   Become a solid international leader:
      Gain the skills and abilities to develop and lead businesses in an international and multicultural environment.
    • •   Gain deep knowledge of different markets:
      Acquire the ability to recognize different approaches towards international markets and to negotiate in a multicultural context.
    • •   Learn how to launch new activities:
      Learn how to launch new international activities and develop a deep understanding of the stakes of a specific market.
    • •   Study Trip:
      Gain insight into another business culture by participating in a Study Trip to an European business hub.
    • •   Live Business Case:
      Accelerate your career by gaining hands-on business experience through a Live Business Case with companies working in partnerships with the MSc Business Development.
    • •   Get advantage of innovative learning methods:
      Grenoble Ecole de Management is known for its innovative GEM Learning model as well as its innovative campus GEMLabs.
  • “In today’s global market, candidates with the ability to launch new international activities and who have deep understanding of the stakes of a specific market are highly sought after. This program challenges students to understand different international markets, participate in negotiations in a multicultural context and learn how to improve the competitiveness of global business. Our students will gain the tools to be immediately operational and effective in the business development arena upon graduating.” - Lisa-Jane Perraud

Program content*

*The program may be subject to change.

Year 1

  • •  Core Courses

    Strategic Management
    Project Management
    Managing Global Teams
    Foreign language

    •  Specialization

    Managerial Economics
    International Marketing Strategy
    Prospecting Strategies
    CRM and Data Analytics
    Market Research
    Research Methods
    Field Project

  • •  Core Courses

    Corporate Finance
    Risk Management
    Sustainability in International Business

    •  Specialization

    CRM and Data Analytics
    Live Business Case
    Managerial Creativity
    Field Project

    •  Professional Tracks

    Students choose one of the following:

    •  Work Experience: Four to five months internship or full-time employment, anywhere in the world
    •  Professional Certificate: Students choose from a catalogue of professional online certificates developed by GEM

Year 2

  • •  Core Courses:

    International Negotiations
    Responsible Leadership

    •  Specialization:

    Building Strategic Accounts
    Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
    Measuring Business Performance
    Consultative Selling
    Entrepreneurship & Business Opportunities
    Non Organic Growth Strategies (Alliances/M&As)
    Advanced Research Methods

  • The Legal Environment of International Business 
    Digital Transformation in Business
    Opportunities & Risks of the Digital Economy
    Digital Communication Strategy

    •  Professional Tracks

    Students choose one of the following:

    •  Work Experience: Four to six months internship or full-time employment, anywhere in the world
    •  Professional Certificate: Students choose from a catalogue of professional online certificates developed by GEM

  • The specialized academic dissertation is one of the core components of the second year of the program. Students begin in September and will complete it by the end of the academic year.

    The academic dissertation asks students to understand and analyze a key business or managerial issue. Students first undertake an extensive review of our current knowledge of the issue through an in-depth literature review. Working with their tutor, students then identify an area that requires further exploration (Research Gap) and a methodology for filling that knowledge gap (Research Design). Students will undertake original research (Data Collection) to fill the pre-defined gap before writing up their findings and considering their personal contribution to the chosen research domain. This includes an analysis of the academic and practical / managerial implications of their research.

    With 100 active permanent researchers, eight research teams, more than 200 doctoral students, Grenoble EM is one of the leaders in management research in Europe. Students will thus be assigned a specialized academic tutor with considerable experience of this type of research as well as knowledge of the field or domain to be studied. Students may also adopt a wide range of different research methodologies to reinforce the intellectual skills that will be required by their future employer. Certain research by previous students has been published.

  • The MSc Business Development offers the possibility of a double degree with GEM accredited partner, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU).
    Students who successfully complete the 1st year (M1) of the program will be eligible to apply for the semester exchange in Hong Kong. The semester will be from  September to December during your 2nd year of the MSc  (M2). This means you will be able to benefit from a maximum period of 5 months for an internship prior to your experience.
    Up to 5 students may be selected to obtain the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing degree from HKBU on successful completion of the 5 modules during the exchange semester.
    Other international exchange opportunities will be available and vary from year to year.

    NB: Students wishing to apply for an international exchange must be from a different nationality to that of the host country.

Personal and Professional Development Workshops

In addition to the core courses, students have the opportunity to attend personal and professional development workshops led by professionals, industry and subject matter experts. These will strengthen the employability profiles of graduates to help them achieve their career goals. Students will also have access to individual counselling sessions, interaction with corporate partners and online resources with jobs and internship opportunities as well as access to specific in house sectorial career focused communities.


Classes are taught by GEM faculty, visiting professors from top universities worldwide, and top business professionals. Most of the permanent faculty is engaged in applied research. Their teaching links theory to practice through authentic business cases. Their diverse cultural and international background gives a strong international dimension to the program.
View all Faculty

  • Pedagogy

    A full two-year program with more than 400 hours of taught classes including the latest managerial theory, real-world case examples and practical experience. Students typically have 12-15 hours class time per week supplemented by around 30 hours group work and private study. The MSc offers up to 12 months’ work experience and 4 distinct international study / work opportunities. This includes a study trip and one-semester exchange option and two internship possibilities. A final dissertation enables deep and insightful analysis of one of key issues or challenges faced by organizations today. The strong diversity of faculty and students reinforces the international dimension of the program.


    Acquisition of skills and competencies is assessed through continuous assessment, exams, professional experiences and Final Dissertation. In order to validate the degree, students must have at least 4 months of international experience (academic or professional). Studying in France validates this condition for non-French students.


    In the event of a partial validation of a professional certification, the blocks of competencies that have been validated are considered acquired and a certificate of validation is provided.

Live Business Cases

Your challenge: learn how to become a consultant!

GEM partners with companies from around the world as well as local companies from the Grenoble Ecosystem and also from GEM’s own incubator of startups. Choose from different sizes of companies, sectors and corporate projects on which to work as part of a 4-5 person student consulting team. Are you more interested by a start up, scale up or multinational company? Your objective is to research, collect and analyse data, draw your conclusions and make recommendations to your client. You will have the support of a GEM tutor, either an academic or a practitioner. An internship may be offered to competent and engaged students to implement the recommendations made during the consulting project. This is an intense experience that will help you learn how to work successfully as a team, drawing on the skills and models learned from the other academic modules in your program.

Recent Live Business Cases.

  • The Live Business Cases are launched by a briefing given by the company.

    The Live Business Case will cover:

    • • Looking at business development and management issues from an integrated, holistic perspective,
    • • Provide students with a final opportunity to apply learning from the material, courses and lectures that they have studied.

    At the conclusion of the Live Business Case, students will be able to:

    • • Build a company analysis
    • • Select and apply a methodology, and make useful and efficient recommendations
    • • Understand the Business Development process
    • • Provide critical analysis
    • • Make strategic decisions
    • • Work in small multicultural groups under time constraints
    • • Produce compelling written and oral presentations
    • • Demonstrate communication, negotiation and leadership skills

    At the end of the Live Business Case, each group will produce a written report and make an oral presentation to the Jury (company tutor, school tutor and program director) and the other groups from the program.

Field Project: Study Trip

The studytrip is a field project that enables you to apply project management tools, team building aptitudes, research and analysis and of course negotiation skills. As a cohort, for the chosen European destination, your role will be to organise a program combining corporate interaction, testimonial sharing, cultural visits and fun events. You will be responsible for the budget and the logistics as well as the communication.

On site, you will learn from professionals in practitioners in the sectors you have chosen of key interest to you. Case studies, interactive user-experiences , mock discovery calls or client meetings, conferences, up to you to define the format for your exchange.

This will be an unforgettable experience from your time at GEM !

See the films from last year’s studytrips:


  • All GEM MSc programs are internationally recognized by the prestigious higher education quality assurance bodies, AACSB and EQUIS, and are equivalent to a level 7 degree on the European Qualifications Framework, in compliance with the Bologna Agreement for a master’s degree, comprised of 120 ECTS credits.
    This academic qualification is recognized at the discretion of each country or university. Students seeking admission to a further course of study or who wish to work in specific country after their GEM program may need to have their GEM degree certified through a process specified by the receiving authority. 

    International Students planning to seek a work or residence permit in France following their studies should be aware that conditions of eligibility will apply.
    These include the level and recognition of your qualification, your nationality, income etc.
    Please allow plenty of time to complete these formalities, as they can take several months to process.
    You can find more details on the French government official website “Service Public”.

    Please note that visa and permit applications are entirely managed by French immigration authorities and local prefectures. 
    Grenoble Ecole de Management has no influence over these procedures or their outcomes.


“For me, attending the GEM MSc in Business Development was one of the best decisions I could have made for both my personal and academic development. Whether it be the international environment, the state of the art academic classes or working on projects with the world’s leading companies. The Live Business case with Oracle equipped me with all the essentials I needed for becoming the Global Product Manager for Fintech at Vodafone Group in London. To summarize it in three words: Challenging, International, and Fun.” - Jonas Borgel, MSc Business Development 2017 Graduate, Global Product Manager Fintech at Vodafone

Discover first impressions from Amanda Lindström and Julien Kharrat after just 2 months at Grenoble Ecole de Management in their MSc Business Development Program - Credit to Audrey Van Den Broucke for the film (MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship student).

More testimonials from MSc Business Development graduates 

Employment Statistics*

Employment within 4 months: 74%
Rate of graduates working internationally: 43%
Annual salary after graduation: <40k€: 34% | >40k€: 66%

*Based on 2021 graduates

The placement and graduation rates are available via the application platform and also from Recruitment officer upon request.

Further study is possible for the MSc graduates, for example, in one of the Advanced Masters or a Doctoral Program.

  • Adidas (Germany)
    Accenture (France)
    Aldi (UK)
    Altran (Brazil)
    Arjomary Wiggins (France)
    American Tobacco (Denmark)
    Atos Consulting (France)
    Bayer Bloomberg (UK)
    BMW (Germany)
    Bombardier (USA)
    Coca-Cola (France)
    Gaumont (France)
    General Electric (USA)
    General Electric (France)
    Google (Ireland)
    Hitachi (China)
    Henkel (Germany)
    Hewlett-Packard (France)
    IBM (Germany)
    InBev (Belgium)
    Infiniti (France)
    Lagardère (Singapore)
    Logica (France)
    Metro Cash&Carry (Germany)
    Michelin (France)
    Michelin (Sweden)
    Michelin (UK)
    Nissan (France)
    Orange (France)
    Pepsi-Cola (Saudi Arabia)
    PG (Switzerland)
    FG (Saudi Arabia)
    Pricewaterhouse Coopers (Russia)
    Rhodia (France)
    Samsung (France)
    Sanofi (France)
    SEB (France)
    Starbucks (France)
    SIT (Australia)
    Toyota (China)
    United Nations Zalando (Germany)
    Volvo (Belgium)

  • Sales

    Business Developer
    Account Manager
    Account Executive
    District Manager
    Sales Manager
    Area Sales Promoter
    Sales Section Manager
    Strategic Branding
    Digital Strategy
    Product Communication
    International Marketing Manager
    International Marketing Assistant

    Business Development & Entrepreneurship

    Business Analyst
    Innovation and Management Consultant
    Department Manager
    Strategic and Enterprise and Business Planning
    Delivery Manager
    Marketing and Business Developer

Work in France

  • After passing their Master’s level degree in France, students may apply for a residence permit which allows graduates to work for a year in France. The permit is called a “Recherche d’emploi ou Création d’entreprise” residence permit.  For more details, you may consult the relevant Campus France or the Ministry of Interior webpages.

Students who apply to the MSc Business Development program should have excellent written and oral communication skills, as well as strong interpersonal skills. They should be motivated to work internationally and exhibit a high level of maturity and intellectual curiosity. Good computing skills with experience in spreadsheets and databases are a plus.

Work experience is not compulsory and the GMAT is not required for this program.

Please note that it is possible to submit your application prior to providing us with your test results and/or your final transcripts/ degree certificate.

​If the rest of your application meets our standards we can then make you a conditional offer of a place on the program. These conditions will be lifted once you have obtained and sent us the required documentation.

We recognize that COVID-19 has likely created difficulties in completing the admissions requirements. Our team is available to assist with these logistical uncertainties. Please contact us with any questions.

Apply here

To apply for this program, candidates must complete the online application form and include scanned copies of all original supporting documents. All documents must be in English or be submitted with a certified translation into English if written in another language.

    • •    Official copy of undergraduate degree equivalent to minimum 180 ECTS or certificate of enrollment with an approximate graduation date
    • •    University transcripts: front/back with grading scale
    • •    CV/Resume
    • •    3 short essays (relating to your academic/professional experience, your reasons for choosing this program and your intercultural awareness)
    • •    2 academic references. Family members or friends are not acceptable as referees
    • •    Scan of passport
    • •    Internationally recognized passport picture
    • •    Fluency in English (TOEFL, PTE, IELTS or CPE):
      • •    TOEFL IBT: 90 (minimum of 21 in all bands). TOEFL Institution code: 8973
      • •    IELTS Academic/IELTS Indicator: 6.5 (minimum of 6.0 in all bands)
      • •    Cambridge English (Proficiency/Advanced/Business Higher) level C1: Grade A,B or C
      • •    Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE-A) Online/Offline: 63 (minimum of 59 in all bands)
      • •    Duolingo English Test: 110 (minimum of 90 in all bands)
      • •    Not accepted: TOEIC, Institutional/ITP TOEFL
      • •    English test waiver may be granted if Bachelor’s degree was fully taught through the medium of English (official proof required)

    Please note: English test scores must be communicated to GEM by the beginning of July for September programs.

Specific to Regular Track:

  • Official copy of undergraduate degree equivalent to minimum 180 ECTS or certificate of enrollment with an approximate graduation date

Specific to Short Track:

  • Official copy of undergraduate degree equivalent to minimum 240 ECTS/4-years Bachelor's degree/3-years Bachelor's degree + 1 year of Master Studies or certificate of enrolment with an approximate graduation date
  • Minor (60 ECTS) in Business Studies

Please note that for your initial application we ask only for copies of documents. If you are accepted, we will then request to send digital certified copies that you will be asked to present during the induction week. More details about certified copies per nationality are explained on the application form.

To ensure Grenoble Ecole de Management is the right fit for you, you may be asked to participate in an interview. You will be notified if an interview is necessary after the Admission Board meets.

Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please consult rolling admissions deadlines.

Student Program Fees 2023 intake

MSc Business Development (Grenoble campus)
Regular track (per year): €12,950*
Short track (full program): €16,750*
*Fees are subject to change. Please verify program fees each year before commencement. 
  • Fees cover tuition, project supervision, and access to GEM facilities.
  • Program fees do not cover accommodation, meals, insurance, visa, and personal expenses.

Please read the policy concerning the refund of tuition fees.

Financial Aid / Scholarships

GEM offers a dedicated online platform - The Funding Place - to help you find financing solutions, simulate a student loan and understand everything about student loans.

We advise students to research financial aid opportunities as early as possible. Please note that it is necessary to submit your application and secure a place on a program first, before applying for scholarships and visas.

Scholarship descriptions and application guidelines.


All academic qualifications, including those earned at GEM, are recognized at the discretion of each country or university. Students seeking admission to a further course of study or who wish to work in specific country after their GEM program may need to have their GEM degree certified through a process specified by the receiving authority. 

Visa requirements may apply to International Students in order to study or work in France. All international students are expected to verify requirements with their local French consulate and plan accordingly. Grenoble Ecole de Management has no influence over this process.

For more information, please download our International Student Guide

Student Guide

Contact a current student to learn more about the program.

Student Questions Blog

Learn about upcoming recruitment fairs around the world and webinars for prospective students.

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