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MOOC: New Energy Technologies - Energy Transition and Sustainable Development

Explore the development of new energy technologies and discover key energy challenges with this online course.


Starts 2 April 2018

  • 6 weeks
  • Free online course
  • 34 experts
  • Certificates and upgrades available

This course uniquely combines leading academic research with on-the-ground experience.

With 34 different experts, discover each week one broad topic related to a renewable energy source and the transition towards sustainable energy technologies:

  • Analyse and evaluate the different new technologies and innovations
  • Explore new technologies impact in the energy sector
  • Learn about the market organisation and the main actors in: energy efficiency, solar energy, hydropower, energy from biogas, hydrogen energy and smart grids
  • Contribute to social exchange and global awareness of the "energy transition" and each new energy technologies' impact.

MOOC: New Energy Technologies