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Module3: Strategic Reward Management: Making it happen!

From pay to total rewards

  • How effective is your reward system?
  • Business case: How to develop a total rewards positioning?  Discovering the ingredients of a total rewards approach
  • Tool: The total rewards framework

To the core: developing a global reward strategy as a guideline for decision-making

  • Discovering the constituents based on a discussion of real-life examples
  • Tool: The reward strategy toolkit
  • Identify the criteria for an effective reward strategy?       

Disentangling the impact of the global business environment on reward policies 

  • The external environment

    • Tool: What is happening out there? Brainstorm leading to the identification and prioritisation of issues in the external environment and assessing their impact on reward policies and systems, using the Reward business context scan
  • The internal environment: focus on the strategic environment

    • Tool: Broadening your skills: what does a reward manager need to know about strategy?
    • How to translate organisational strategies into reward policies and systems? 
    • The impact of rewards on organisational performance

From strategy to implementation: devloping strategically aligned reward systems

  • Business case: Towards a strategically aligned global short term incentive system at GlaxoSmithKline
  • Business case: The introduction of an incentive plan for senior management focusing on long-term sustainable value creation at AGC Europe
  • What gets measured and rewarded gets done: key insights into performance measurement
  • Executive remuneration in an era of accountability
  • Reward dinner series: Rewarding in financial services
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