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Module2: How does the global context influence reward practices

Dealing with internal and external influences in global reward management

  • The impact of different cultures on reward management
    • Cultural foundations of management
    • Reward practices in various cultural contexts
    • Discussion of implications for managerial practice
  • The impact of the institutional contexts on rewards
    • Considering institutional environments
    • Impact of institutional determinants on compensation decisions
    • Overview of different country-specific institutional contexts of rewards and their implications for managerial practice

Reward management around the globe

  • Business testimonial: Challenges to Rewards in a European Context
    • Considering the diversity of the European context and the commonalities
    • Overview of different reward practices in European countries
    • Answers of multinational companies to the European challenge
  • Total Rewards in the USA
    • Overview of Compensation Practices in the USA
    • Current Trends
    • The discussion of US-based Best Practices in compensation
  • Benchmarking and Compensation in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)   

Expatriate compensation

  • The context of expatriate compensation
    • Expatriate assignment types and goals
    • Approaches to expatriate remuneration
    • Challenges to expatriate assignment and remuneration
  • Business testimonial: Expatriate remuneration
    • Coping with Modern Mobility Challenges: Expatriate remuneration at Robert Bosch GmbH. What are the different options to calculate expatriate remuneration? What are the factors that account for variations in the total costs?     
  • Current challenges to total rewards for expatriates
    • Expatriate remuneration trends
    • Remuneration of alternative expatriate assignments (commuter, rotational, contractual, virtual and self-initiated assignments)
  • Legal issues of international mobility
    • Social security issues
    • Taxation of expatriate remuneration        

Implementing global rewards

  • Global, local and glocal approaches to global reward management
    • Globalisation and multinational corporations (concepts, typologies and subsidiary roles)
    • International comparisons of total remuneration
    • Advantages and challenges of global standardization of pay systems and alternative concepts
  • Business testimonial: Practices of international standardization and localization of pay systems at Beiersdorf AG         
  • Business testimonial: Benchmarking in a global firm, Bombardier Transportation GmbH
    • Selecting data sources and remuneration survey providers
    • Local vs. international benchmarking
    • Remuneration benchmarking and job grading  
  • Business testimonial: Strategic international rewards at Unilever 
    • How to implement strategic rewarding in an international context?                            
  • Reward dinner series: Challenges of managing total rewards in Asia
    • Considering the diversity of the Asian context and the specific challenges
    • Overview of different reward practices in Asian countries
    • Attracting and retaining talent in Asia
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