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MIB testimonials

Mahesh Siddamsetty

Born into a middle class Indian family I have always set my sights high and dreamed big. Graduating from a top master’s program had been my goal for many years, but it took me a long time to find the right program – one which met both my high expectations, and of course my budget. Having recently graduated from the “Masters in International Business” program, I can now confidently say that I made a great choice and that it has already started to pay off in terms of the new and exciting opportunities that I am encountering today.

The MIB has not only boosted my career growth, but also has taken my confidence levels to a whole new level. It was a very demanding and challenging program which taught me how to communicate effectively with an international community and gave me the skills and know-how to become a successful International Manager. Moreover, the internationally diverse nature of the students and alumni of the MIB has enabled me to develop a worldwide network, which has opened doors to job opportunities across the globe.

After only 9 months of job searching I have secured an exciting position as International Sales Manager working at the Chinese Sales Office for GSX Solutions, a Geneva-headquartered Software Company. I found about this company via GGSB’s careers centre, whose online portal has been invaluable in accessing thousands of exclusive job offers and making full use of the school’s extensive business network. The worldwide notoriety of GGSB’s MIB qualification coupled with my personal ambition and perseverance to fulfill my goals has taken me exactly to where I always dreamt of being – the heart of international business.

Doriane Verdin

"I was enrolled in the MIB Beijing last year, and it has been a wonderful experience. Not only were the classes very interesting from an intellectual perspective, but getting the opportunity to study in China and to experience a truly multicultural environment was an amazing benefit. Of course, I encountered some difficulties, but I kept trying to make the most of it by meeting local people, learning the language and traveling around.

This Chinese experience enabled me to get real insight on the culture and values of the country that recently overtook the US as the world’s biggest trader for goods. This was an added value to finding my internship as I am now working as a country risk analyst for trade finance at Société Générale, a French bank. China is one of France's biggest trading partners, and I spend considerable time working with Chinese counterparts and China environment analysis.

Working in international trade also requires cross-cultural skills: you must constantly be aware of cultural norms in the different countries where you trade. Business relationships in China are mainly based on inter-personal relationships. It is important to consider this facet of Chinese culture if you want to build a trustworthy and long-term relationship with any Chinese counterpart, whether a financial institution, an exporter, or even a colleague from SG China.

The MIB Beijing experience was definitely an added value in finding my internship. It led me back to school two days a week in addition to my internship, to pursue an International Relations course in a French institute (IRIS Sup’) where I specialize in Eastern Asia.

Catherine Cai

Following my MIB degree at Grenoble Graduate School of Business, I have become a Marketing Director for a Chinese/French agency, based in Paris, specializing in marketing and communication within the Chinese market. I am in charge of all e-commerce and communication events for all French luxury brands and manage a team of five colleagues.

The MIB program has helped me to build upon my professional career and enabled me to obtain a position at a higher level. I have taken quite a jump in my career and I am now living my professional dream of working in a truly international environment, one similar to that of the diversity that I experienced at Grenoble Graduate School of Business.

My business responsibilities are two-fold in my company: on the one hand I am determining the marketing strategy in the Chinese market for all luxury brands and on the other hand I am in charge of the business development for the company as well. My management capabilities within the international business arena have greatly improved and I'd like to express my gratitude to Grenoble Graduate School of Business.

Lorenzo Losi

"The MIB’s learning environment conjoins academic rigor with the conditions to develop the vital soft skills required in professional life. Teamwork, problem-solving and the ability to meet deadlines will complement the vast business knowledge you will attain and give you the confidence to land your dream job"