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MBA Testimonials

GEM Part-time MBA

Moscow partner campus

“This is a truly break-through program - relevant theory mixed with extensive practice allowed to gain new skills and knowledge on the most up-to-date management topics. Brilliant professors and colleagues made this adventure astonishing through extensive collaboration and experience exchange.” -Nikolay Uloga, Project Manager at TSYS
“I believe that GEM program is a reasonable time investment with a very good for Russian market value for money ratio. It definitely equips you with modern business tools and capabilities, gives you a multi-dimensional business understanding. The rest is up to you- where and how you apply it.” - Artem Darbinyan, Business Consultant at Ericsson 
“Thinking about my past MBA experience I should admit that it was a really great period of my life full of communication with professionals among whom were not only our school tutors, but my group mates as well. The whole atmosphere of knowledge and experience sharing is a unique combination which is a necessary stage for every modern highly professional and competitive manager. Moreover, I’m strongly convinced that it is an essential career stage to open yourself to the new possibilities.” - Svetlana Popova Kantar, Associate Director Insights Division at Kantar

GEM Full-time MBA

George Al Mouakar

I chose GEM's MBA program mainly because of its top ranking in Europe and in the World and due to its great reputation in the Middle East (I come from the Land of the Cedars, Lebanon). After reading more about the school and the program, I realized that it fitted in perfectly with my career aims because the program is not only theoretical, but also highly applied in content, with professors/consultants coming from a wide range of industries and students coming from all over the world.

After finishing my MBA, I took the role of Lead Product Manager in the biggest digital industrial company of the world, General Electric.

Today, I work in the Healthcare division of GE, based in Paris, and manage a wide range of Radiology IT products all over Europe, Middle East and Africa. Coming from a technical background (previously electrical engineer), the MBA program has given me an extensive assortment of skills ranging from finance and economics, to negotiations, innovation management and intercultural management in order to get the job and excel in my current responsibilities.

Tatiana Okutina

Smriddhi Dhingra

Prior to the MBA, I worked in the Indian pharmaceutical industry, handling doctor and patient programs integral to the marketing function. Though this rich experience, I realized how difficult it is to get even the most basic primary healthcare and medication in developing nations at affordable rates. This revelation inspired me to enroll in the GEM MBA.

In order to get the most out of an MBA, beyond the course content, the setting, experience and type of interactions are of utmost importance. This is why I chose France, which has been at the forefront of building policies and structures for global healthcare, education, and human rights.

My most important MBA program criterion was a well-balanced, comprehensive curriculum taught by international faculty and offered by an accredited school of management with a good overall ranking. The class profile was another important factor. Experienced, mature individuals from different backgrounds add value by creating real understanding of the cultural nuances that play an important role in global business today. GGSB scored in these all aspects.

After my MBA, I intend to work with pharmaceutical companies wanting to establish mutually beneficial relations with developing nations – especially in Africa – to build efficient systems that make quality, affordable healthcare accessible.

Employer Testimonial

“At MGE UPS, our policy is to promote the professional development of our managers. An MBA is a great way to reward managers for their commitment and success, whilst at the same time investing in their potential for the future of the company.

The part-time MBA offered by GEM is a particularly interesting training proposal as it allows the manager to remain in his or her function while following the course. The structure of the Grenoble MBA course also allows the manager to integrate the theory and practical frameworks at work right from the outset of the course – there is no need to wait until the end of the MBA to see a return on the training investment.

The experience of Denis Coupé is a great example of this. He has achieved greater team efficiency and has a much broader perspective on the group’s challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, he has brought a new strategic perspective to our evaluation and selection of suppliers.

MGE UPS works with suppliers from across the world to source materials for our factories in Asia, North America and Europe; the strategic evaluation of these suppliers is critical for the long-term success of these relationships. The international management focus and high-level business understanding gained by Denis during his MBA has provided invaluable in this area.

The whole experience has been an outright success. The end result for MGE UPS is a manager who is deeply enriched by his MBA experience and who has even greater potential for the success of our company.”

Bruno Mesnard - Vice President, Europe and International - MGE UPS

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