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Managerial Creativity: a method of self management by the students

This course/workshop is an introduction to all group assignments to be carried out all through the year. In order to help you to be efficient when working in small groups, you need to know not only your personal strengths and improvement points but also those of your class.

By discovering them during this course, you will be able to imagine together how to leverage the strengths of your class and how to manage your improvement points.

You have to manage the classroom as a company, so we will appoint different representatives in charge of the main aspects of the construction of the class as a performing team:

  • event manager,
  • class representative,
  • timekeeper,
  • project leader,
  • MSc community leader,
  • and Alumni communication and coordination manager.

These representatives and their teams will draft an action plan for the coming year.

Updated on 12 July 2018 at 4h56 pm