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The Management Consultant: Process and Tools

This module has three main objectives:

  • First the participants will be introduced to the human factors which impact on the performance of the management consultant and will identify their own personal skills.
  • Secondly the whole consulting process will be analysed from a methodology viewpoint so that participants will master the process through the different stages.
  • Finally, at the end of the module students will also have an overview of the range of tools available to the management consultant to carry out the assignment and they will gain practical experience in using these tools.


The Management Consultant

The human factors, the intra-personal factors and skills, the interpersonal factors and skills

The Consulting Process

Methodology for Consulting Assignments

  • Entry, client brief, problems and symptoms, diagnosis, data collection, developing solutions and evaluating alter-natives, implementation, termination,
  • Types of consulting: internal and external consulting, objectives of consulting, consulting styles.
  • Proposals and assignment management: report writing, presentations, winning business, reporting to the client and to the consulting firm, measuring results and formulating proposals, implementation, follow-up & control.

Consulting Tools

  • Diagnostic tools
  • Tools for converting data to insight
  • Questionnaires & Analysis
  • Using Technology tools for managing customer relationship
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