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Living Languages and Foreign Cultures

The LVCE Department (LVCE) in numbers:

  • 13 languages taught
  • 60 instructors teaching in their native tongues
  • 21 countries represented
  • 14000h of lessons provided per year
  • 80 different modules in the course catalogue

"The English language has well and truly established itself as THE language of "global" business. However, in foreign trade, speaking just English is not enough; a lack of linguistic competence in other local languages means that numerous markets remain closed to international business people.
Alongside linguistic abilities enabling you to sell to the customer in his or her own language, intercultural competences are also essential, if you want to conquer certain marketplaces."

Taken from the ELAN study by the European Commission (2006).


The Modern Languages and Foreign Cultures Department (known as 'LVCE' – the acronym of the department's French name) aims to ensure all students are proficient in at least two languages in an international and intercultural environment.


The department enables all students to:

  • Express themselves with increased ease, spontaneity and efficiency in a professional context.
  • Better understand the culture, ways of life and management culture of the countries concerned.
  • Be operational both within a company and during their job search.

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