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Bowling Rink Museum Parks



You can visit the newly refurbished bowling centre in Echirolles for a fun afternoon
or evening.
There is also a restaurant and Irish bar there with McDonalds next door.

19 avenue de Grugliasco
38130 Echirolles
Tél : 04 76 23 40 90
 Fax : 04 76 23 40 92

Tramway: ligne A, station "La rampe"

Ice Rink

Come ice skating on your own or with friends, take lessons
or help during events and hockey matches.

Free skating times from July 6 to September 1: 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Avenue d’Innsbruck
38100 Grenoble


Musée de Grenoble: «One of the most prestigious arts museums in France»
Musée Dauphinois: "Archelology & History. Very enjoyable to visit»
Musée de la résistance et de la Déportation: «Its theme makes this a very interesting museum»
Musée de l’ancien Evêché Baptistère: «A must - traces the history of the town» 
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Parc Paul Mistral: «The largest in town»
Jardin de ville: «In the heart of Grenoble, beneath the Bastille»
Parc Jean Verlhac: «With waterfalls and imposing flower beds»
Parc Pompidou: «15 acres of park with a lake.»
Parc des Champs Elysées: «Natural environment, energetic itinerary»
Jardin des plantes: «The meandering paths and flowers remind one of an English garden.»
Ensemble de la Bastille: «A park at the foot of the Bastille»

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