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  • brexit copy rawf8 gettyimages

    Brexit: strategic changes to ensure economic renewal

    Published on 05 February 2021

    As the Brexit agreement becomes a reality, this major change will impact numerous economic activities in key sectors. In response to this change, organizations and governments must implement mid- and long-term strategies to relocate economic...

  • GEMHyflex for the start of the new school year

    Face-to-face learning for students that prefer this option

    Published on 08 February 2021

    Grenoble Ecole de Management promised that if health conditions allowed, classes would be delivered in a face-to-face format as of February 8 2021. This promise has been kept with controlled numbers of students’ onsite to respect social distancing...

  • DBA Testimonial: Dr. Sholom Schochet

    Published on 01 February 2021

    "In the best of times, successfully juggling personal and professional responsibilities is a formidable task for anyone. Throw a doctorate into the mix, and the doctoral candidate quickly recognizes the need to become a world-class ringmaster...

  • The Economist : Grenoble's MBA confirms its 80th place

    Rankings: 5th Best Global MBA in France according to The Economist

    Published on 22 January 2021

    Which MBA Ranking, published January 21st. GEM gains 13 worldwide ranks and consolidates its 5th rank among French Business Schools.

  • Nom de marques. Comment communiquer l’action par la sonorité ? copy metamorworks

    Brand names: How and why does sonority impact perception?

    Published on 13 January 2021

    How can the sound of a brand name influence a customer’s perception? New research explains that occlusive consonants (b, d, p, t) suggest greater action and therefore positively impact customer perceptions.

  • Accroître la valeur d'un produit de masse via la co-conception  c oksana nazarchuk

    The advantages of co-creating with customers

    Published on 10 January 2021

    Co-creation programs such as the massive online personalization program “Design your own Converse” offer interesting marketing advantages. Recent study results help us better understand the impact on customer experience and loyalty.