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  • Process Communication Model - LUMEZIA

    Decoding and Improving Human Interactions with the Process Communication Model

    Published on 06 December 2021

    The Process Communication Model ® (PCM) is reputed as a powerful tool for analyzing and understanding professional interactions. Developed for NASA space missions in the 1970s and 1980s, an optimized version of the PCM is now available to...

  • Le coût de l’énergie influence-t-il les comportements d’achat ? copy vchal

    Do Energy Prices Influence Buying Behavior?

    Published on 06 December 2021

    A research paper, published in August 2021 in the Journal of Public Economics, identifies the criteria for choosing appliances used by U.S. households based on changes in local energy prices.

  • AKACORLEONE à réalisé une œuvre emblématique pour GEM, intitulée « 5 éléments ».

    Happy New Year 2022!

    Published on 13 December 2021

    To conclude 2021 and peacefully start 2022, Grenoble Ecole de Management chose to wish you its best wishes by sharing the masterpiece of the Portuguese street artist, Akacorleone. This piece of art, as the symbol of the new Société A Mission status...

  • Campus de GEM Paris 2023 : la « Première Poutre » est posée

    The « Foundation Beam » has been laid for GEM’s 2023 Paris Campus!

    Published on 19 November 2021

    This Thursday, November 18, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) was laying the foundation stone of its future Parisian Campus. A stone which is actually a wooden beam, to symbolize the wooden structure of this coming Zero waste campus! GEM is...

  • AKACORLEONE créé une œuvre pour GEM

    Société à Mission: AKACORLEONE Creates A Masterpiece For GEM

    Published on 22 November 2021

    To celebrate its Société A Mission status and share its 5 engagements with everyone, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) has invited the Portuguese street artist AKACORLEONE to create an emblematic masterpiece for its Grenoble campus, so called “5...

  • Comportement des consommateurs : quelle influence a le sens des couleurs ?

    Color me moral: how the meaning of colors influence consumer behavior

    Published on 16 November 2021

    A recent study published in the scientific journal Psychology...