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International Student Life

Studying at Grenoble Ecole de Management is about more than just your degree. It’s the chance to take part in an active student life and benefit from personalized support and mentoring. We do everything we can to ensure your time at GEM is a unique experience and a chance for you to do your best in an environment that is both responsible and fulfilling.

International Student Integration

The International Student Integration (ISI) Service provides general information about administative procedures to get settled in France.

The service provides interantional students with important information regarding:

  • administrative formalities to complete before and upon your arrival (immigration, housing search, insurance)
  • access to online information (guides, brochures, and tutorials)
  • access to the school housing platform
  • tips to avoid culture shock and how to deal with cross cultural communication
  • invitations to join social media groups

This information aims to advise and prepare for life and culture in France as well as all the administrative steps that must be taken before your departure, upon your arrival and during your stay in France.

Guide for International Students

To give you a general idea about what to expect in Grenoble or Paris, please download our guides for international students.

You will find detailed information about French administrative procedures such as housing, immigration and insurance and how to organize your new life in France.

Please read this information very carefully as it is your responsibility to make some arrangements before and upon your arrival in Grenoble. It will help you to understand the paperwork your need to deal with and to prepare your arrival:

Download our guides for international students.

Grenoble  Paris

Housing platform

The school provides a housing platform entirely dedicated to GEM students not only in Grenoble, but also everywhere in France and abroad.

The platform is edited by Studapart.

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