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International Scope

Grenoble, International City

Due to its ideal geographical location - at the crossroads between Northern and Southern Europe, transportation networks that open it up to a multitude of markets, and an economic fabric that looks to the future, Grenoble has long been able to draw companies from abroad.

To date, 212 companies of foreign-owned capital employing more than 42,450 people and 68 American companies with 15,500 are present in this fertile region. When leading global corporations seek to set-up in Europe, Grenoble is sure to be on the short list of candidate sites.

Grenoble has taken on the role of a thriving metropolis in the Rhône-Alpes region and has established partnerships with other like-minded cities, such as Geneva, Turin, and Oxford.

In 1992, Grenoble was designated a "European University and Scientific Pole" which allowed it to strengthen its scientific collaborations with other cities and attract over 6000 foreign students each year to its universities.

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