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Institute For Organisational Agility

Agility is the ability of People and Organisations to react when faced with turbulence, in order to reconcile performance with well-being in all situations.

The advance of the finite (resources, markets and the capacity to absorb waste) underlines the fact that seeking the “maximum” is vain, even irresponsible for future generations. This therefore leads to the development of collective agreement between the internal and/or external players and the search for sustainable economic, social and societal performance.

The Institute for Organisational Ability aims to develop this original thinking and render it operational for any type of organisation:

  • industrial companies,
  • service companies,
  • technology companies,
  • public organisations, primarily those concerned with public services and local authorities.

All these organisations have varying professions, cultures and challenges which encourage them to become agile in their own manner. However, in today’s complex world, these organisations now need to work ever more closely together and their collaboration will be strengthened if they develop the same managerial values for agility.


The vocation of the Institute for Organisational Ability is to contribute to the development and spread of knowledge in the field of agile management. Beyond this, the IOA aims to accompany organisations in their thinking about the implementation of this new form of management.

Updated on 30 July 2014 at 5h56 pm